I flew a redeye on BA for my recent trip to Nice, which of course means a stop at London Heathrow Airport (LHR).  I was actually looking forward to the trip just to be able to try out BA’s lounge there.  How did I get access?  Not through flying Business unfortunately, nor through a lounge membership like Priority Pass.  I got access through a little secret: Alaska MVP Gold and Gold 75K’s get free lounge access  when traveling through LHR.  Here is the reference page in case you want to verify.

I went to one of the two in Terminal 5 although they also have one in Terminal 3.

It was all the way at one end of the terminal and the other one is all the way at the other end, so you can find one no matter which direction you go.  I posted the other ways to get in such as being an elite on One World.

The lounge is quite large, which is good because it was very popular even on a Sunday morning.  There is an “outdoor” section which I think is meant for families.  It is not air conditioned, but is still within the terminal building.  Good views of the tarmac from there for you AvGeeks.

The breakfast had a very good selection of cold food or pastries.

There is plenty of unguarded booze for those of you who want a different type of breakfast.  The way they guard the alcohol in U.S. lounges makes you think we are a nation of alcoholics that the airlines are trying to save us from ourselves.  Europeans have much more mature attitudes about drinking than we do.

Showers are available for those of you who want to refresh.

And there is a desk for help with your BA Flights if needed.  I note how small this desk is.  I guess that must be because there are very rarely problems with them.P

On the whole a pretty good lounge to pass the time in.

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