I can’t think of ever seeing a deal giving 10% off of airfare like this. Veterans Advantage is a membership club for veterans that already gives 5% off of all United and jetBlue flights and 3% off of all Alaska flights, along with many other discounts on other travel services.  I’ve paid for membership for many years now and get good value from their deals.

Now they come out with a limited time deal giving 10% off of all Alaska flights to Hawaii from 2/3 – 5/22. This is a great airline to pick to go to Hawaii since they have 29 flights between the West Coast/ Alaska and the four major Hawaiian islands. The wife and I fly Alaska to Hawaii every year using our BoA credit card companion pass (best deal of any CC benefit in my opinion) and often get upgraded to First Class even as MVP Golds…and who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii?

To use this deal, you’ll need to get a membership to Veterans Advantage and then they will give you a code for the airline discount or you will be directed to a site where the discount is applied to your flight.  This deal should more than pay for your membership and then you have those other discounts for the remaining 12 months.

Here are the details, make sure you fly by 5/22!

Let me know how this works out for you, I already have a membership and plan to see how I can take advantage of such a great deal.  Really gives a lot of miles to requalify for Gold for next year. Plus Alaska is still “old school” in their great FF program so as Golds, my wife and I each get 100% bonus to redeemable miles.  Meaning about 20,000 miles for flying to Hawaii and back from the East Coast where I currently live. Alaska miles are generally considered some of the most valuable FF miles since they can also be used on Emirates, Cathy Pacific, Icelandair and unique partners.

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