One of the reasons you are seeing more content on The Military Frequent Flyer (TMFF – you know I have to make an acronym out of it; this is the military) is that an intrepid young officer came to me several months ago and offered to contribute his own interest and knowledge on better ways to travel in style and save money while doing so.   This was great for me as I would go through periods where I was too busy at work or gone TDY and couldn’t regularly post.  He also brings to TMFF a lot more knowledge on credit cards and other financial aspects of the game.  I really appreciated his recent post on how to shop, especially the part about Cardpool – I now use that all the time to get discounted gift cards for restaurants and shopping.

His name is (recently promoted) LCDR Andy Sheep and here is a little about him.  The amazing part is that Andy can do all this even though he is in residency!  I don’t complain about lack of time after knowing what he has to go through.

You’ll see all of this on the “About Me Us”Page


torres del paine jordan diving

Hi, my name is Andy Sheep, and I’m a LCDR in the US Navy. I’m a doctor, currently doing an outservice residency in Emergency Medicine at UPenn in Philadelphia. I joined the Navy during medical school at Temple Med School, also in Philly, going through the HPSP program. I did an internship at the National Naval Medical Center (currently Walter Reed) in Bethesda, then did 6 months of training in Undersea Medical Officer (UMO) Candidate school at Groton, CT and Panama City, FL. I did two UMO utilization tours, two years in Bahrain, two in Guam, before coming back to Killadelphia…sorry, Philadelphia 🙂

Planning to start my own website, I saw that the good COL Goddard had already created one very similar to what I had envisioned; I asked him if I could join him instead of start from scratch, and he was cool with that. I joined this website because I’ve squandered many past opportunities to collect miles during military travel, and wanted to save my fellow sailors (soldiers, marines, airmen, coasties, etc.) the same regrets I have.


Personally, I am glad to be staying home for Thanksgiving due to the nasty weather on the East Coast right now, but those of you intrepid travels, please be safe and good luck getting home to see your loved ones!  See you Monday.

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