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Glenn Goddard

Greetings! I am BG Glenn Goddard, an Army officer with more than 31 years in the service both Active and Reserve.  My partner is LCDR Andy Sheep, more about him further down.  RHIP.

I enlisted as an E-3 after college and worked my way up through the ranks to Brigadier General (who ‘uv thunk). I have lived in Korea, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq. I performed two tours of Iraq for a total of 24 months BOG.

As you rise in the ranks you start flying. A lot. I got into this frequent flyer game back when I returned from my first tour of Korea in 1987. Didn’t progress a lot until the late 90’s and then started accumulating quite a bit. I am a Million Miler on United and an MVP Gold on Alaska Airlines. These are my two main programs, but I am enrolled in almost every domestic airline’s program. For hotels, I am a Platinum in Marriott for the last six years straight, but also Diamond in Hilton, and dabble in all the others.


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Andy Sheep

Hi, my name is Andy Sheep, and I’m a LCDR in the US Navy. I’m a doctor, currently doing an outservice residency in Emergency Medicine at UPenn in Philadelphia. I joined the Navy during medical school at Temple Med School, also in Philly, going through the HPSP program. I did an internship at the National Naval Medical Center (currently Walter Reed) in Bethesda, then did 6 months of training in Undersea Medical Officer (UMO) Candidate school at Groton, CT and Panama City, FL. I did two UMO utilization tours, two years in Bahrain, two in Guam, before coming back to Killadelphia…sorry, Philadelphia 🙂

Planning to start my own website, I saw that the good COL Goddard had already created one very similar to what I had envisioned; I asked him if I could join him instead of start from scratch, and he was cool with that. I joined this website because I’ve squandered many past opportunities to collect miles during military travel, and wanted to save my fellow sailors (soldiers, marines, airmen, coasties, etc.) the same regrets I have. If you want to contact me, use the contact form below



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