Moxy is one of the 30 brands of the new Marriott/ Starwood family.  It was invented a few years ago to appeal tot he Millennial generation, but you may find it to your liking even if you are over 30.  We used it to stay cheaply in New Orleans while helping our daughter move after graduating from Med School.  We could stay there, only a few blocks off of Canal St., for less than $100/night.

The building looks to be a renovated old hotel or office building.  The neighborhood felt fairly safe, but I would still watch yourself walking around at night.

The hotel tries super hard to be “hip”.  They fail in some thing, but succeed in others.  Such as offering free drinks at check-in.  In fact, the check-in desk is just an extension of the bar area.

We stayed in Room #7.  Eclectic art is a big theme here.

The room was very Spartan, but being a military guy, I was OK with that.

They tried to be whimsical with the décor and some was actually very smart, such as hanging the extra chair and ironing board on pegs on the wall.

You can get both happy hour finger food and breakfast downstairs at the bar for hot food or this pantry for make your own stuff like bagels or cereal.

Our take on Moxy was that it was a great value for the stay and an interesting experience.  We plan on repeating next time we are in New Orleans.

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Just received an email a couple of hours ago from Chase:

So 5,000 miles is not huge and is basically one extra point per dollar.  The UA Club Card already give 1.5 UA miles/ dollar so getting 2.5/ dollar is not a bad every day spend deal.  UA miles are valued at about 1.7 cents each by other Boarding Area bloggers, so that is about a 4.25% return – pretty good.

I use my UA Club Card not only for cheaper access to the UA Club system, but also as my way to get Platinum status on UA.  Fares just don’t add up enough for me to make it otherwise given how cheap fares are now.  $25,000 spend  grants you a PQM exemption for Platinum status.  Unfortunately, that’s the limit for UA.

I am not going to get to the $12,000 PQD required for 1K which is even getting worse next year with the limit raised to $15,000 as detailed by my friend Ed Pizzarello.  Looks like I will never get back to that level.  Hey, Platinum is not bad and even gets free upgrades some of the time.

In the meantime, I follow the standard rule of signing up for everything whether you think you are going to use it or not.  Never hurts to register and you never know when circumstances might change and you can use the bonus.  For this particular deal, I was going to spend on my Chase UA Club Card anyway, so it is a no brainer.

Anyone else get this offer?  Did others get a different incentive?


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My wife and I went on vacation to Lucca, Italy in May.  Being typical frequent flyer junkies, we went there by the roundabout route of IAD-FRA on UA Economy and them FRA-IST(Istanbul)-PSA (Pisa) on Turkish Business Class.  I wanted to have my wife experience the Turkish Lounge in Istanbul which I think is one of the best in the world.  You can read about it in my previous post.  Note that they have since moved the IST airport to a new location.

Anyway, back to our tale.  We traveled from FRA to IST , spent ten hours in the lounge, then flew IST-PSA.  When we arrived in Pisa, my wife’s bag came out, but not mine.  At PSA, they have a generic baggage claim office for all airlines.  When I checked with them, they inquired and said my bag was still in IST.  Apparently ten hours was not enough time to transfer my bag!  I’m sure that was the problem actually.  They probably stuck our two bags somewhere since they had ten hours and forgot my bag.  At least my wife got her bag.  If one of us had to have no clothes or toiletries, it was far better to be me rather than my wife.

With only the clothes on my back, we grabbed the train and headed toward our AirBnB.  I called the baggage office later and they said they thought the bag would be on the next TK plane in two days.  I said that flight flies everyday, why couldn’t it be on the flight tomorrow.  They gave me the European salute, which we call a shrug, and I knew I wasn’t going to get a better answer.  My spirits were lifted however as I remembered one of the protections I had from the Chase UA Club Card.  I had baggage delay insurance which would pay up to $100/day of expenses – max $300.

Since the next day was Sunday, I was kind of out of luck as most shops are closed in Italy.  I also was forced to start growing a beard which was a new experience for me.  Went shopping the next day and quickly spent over $200 on underwear and new clothes.  The next day I picked up a set of sneakers while in Pisa.  We stayed in Lucca an extra day since the Italian ATC went on a one day strike.  The baggage office confirmed that the bag would arrive the next day – about an hour after we would fly out!  Once we got to our next destination of Copenhagen, the office said they had the bag and wanted to know where to send it.  I was afraid of having the bag chase us around Europe so I told them just to send it to our home in the U.S.

After arriving home, I started to process of claiming the $300 allowance.  The call to Chase referred me to a website to start the claim.  Seemed pretty straight forward.

Thus started the nightmare.  I sent in the obvious documents, would wait about two weeks and then get sent an automated message saying that my application was incomplete without telling me what was still needed.  Then I had to call in to Chase and they would read their notes and tell me to send in something else.  Initially, this was no big deal, but then they would ask for things I didn’t have such as a note from the company that delivered the bag that proved the bag was delivered.  I also had to go make a claim with TK even though I had read they almost never pay such things.  That took like a month to get the denial.  The Chase agent would make a note when I called every time, they would think about it for two weeks and then I would get the same message.  I submitted a total of 13 documents.

Finally, the ran out of excuses and said they would pay.  I had probably called 6-7 times and this took three months.  One wonders if they limit their payouts by just wearing people out!

So the conclusion is that this is a real benefit, but be prepared to work for it…


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United has come out with their annual promotion.  In the past, they offered bonus award miles if you flew a certain number of miles in a short period.  The requirement was tailored to a MileagePlus member’s relative amount of travel.  Those with little travel being required to travel only a little, but also getting only a few thousand miles.


This promotion is a little different in requiring a certain number of flights rather than a certain number of miles.

Note the dollar requirement for each of the flights to count to avoid gamers finding the two very cheap commuter flights to get the bonus.  While others (notably Angelina of Angelina Travels) seem to have gotten fairly unattractive offers, I am quite tempted by mine. 31,000 UA miles are worth $527 if you value UA miles at 1.7 cents each.

This offer is most attractive to those of you who already have one or more flights planned for Sep/Oct already.  I have one flight at the end of Oct. already set, so tempted to fly one more flight over $450 to get those bonus miles.

What about you?  Anyone else get an offer.  Please post it here so we can compare.  For reference, I am a Lifetime Gold on UA with about 55,000EQM so far this year.

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Here is a post from a guest blogger, Michael, on a Soldier’s tips for fitness

5 Fitness Tips from  an Army Soldier to Stay Fit and Healthy

Traveling can teach you a lot of things. And if there’s someone whom you would always see during your travels, they are the army soldiers. Apparently, they travel anywhere from time to time. They get different assignments and posts which are inevitable. And it’s just suitable to wonder how they were able to manage their physical fitness and health.

Do they train always? Are there any restrictions when it comes to food consumption? How often they exercise?

These are only some of the probing questions that most people have for army soldiers. And it’s undeniable that they are physically fit and healthy because it’s largely part of the job. Nevertheless, here are some of their most helpful answers and tips that could help you with your fitness concerns:

  1.  Nutrition and Hydration

As a soldier, they get to have ready meals on hand. Apparently, they are being provided with sets of foods for the day. So, there are times that they cannot choose what food to eat and what not to. But, it is ensured that the food they consume will not be a factor that can deteriorate their physical strength and fitness.

Nevertheless, they make sure that the calories they are consuming are much lesser than the calories they burn. This means that there must be a control when it comes to eating. And while they are served with foods in the army, they make sure that they still follow their personal eating routines and practices.

These include the proper chewing, efficient vitamin and mineral consumption such as the best protein powder of today, and appropriate times of drinking water before and after a meal.

As for hydration, they give enough importance to this matter. Water is a very important factor in their fitness and health. In fact, it is much better for them to consumer lots of water than consuming lots of food.

 2.  Endurance and Strength

Endurance and strength are very important for every soldier in the army. So, they spend a great deal of time to improve these. Now, the best way to boost strength and endurance is to do resistance training on a daily basis.

Start with exercises that largely utilize the joints. These exercises would include squats and deadlifts. Once done with these routines, you can now move on to the additional exercises that will complement the primary sets. Lunges and pull-ups are great examples of these.

3.  Flexibility

Flexibility is also a matter of importance for army soldiers. When you are flexible, the chances of obtaining injuries are very low. Hence, soldiers pay attention to their flexibility too.

During the flexibility training, it is important that you find comfort first even you don’t reach yet your goal. Safety is still the priority. Pushing your muscles to stretch beyond its maximum capacity for flexibility improvement would only strain you. So, starting with a few moves is fine until you already find comfort in pushing yourself to the limit.

4.  Do quality reps over quantity

Soldiers would always go for quality over quantity. According to them, it’s useless to have hundreds of crunches if you are not doing it right. So, it’s better to have 3 repetitions of 20 quality crunches than pushing for 5 repetitions in one sitting.

And if you are really aiming for an effective fitness routine, you should do the same too. You must always keep in mind that quality is much more important than quantity.

5.  Prep meals to help hit caloric goals

As mentioned above, soldiers get to eat packed and readily-prepped meals. Although they cannot choose what foods to eat because of this, they would take it as a positive thing as well. According to them, it helps them fully control their food consumption. When they are given scheduled meals, they only get to eat what is prepared for them. So, this hinders the unwanted cravings and the munching of in-between meals.

Accordingly, if you want to control your calorie intake on a daily basis, you should prepare your meals beforehand. This will enable you to mind what you eat and control your hunger and cravings.

Now, these tips from soldiers in the army are very challenging to do. But, it will definitely show you results. Also, there are more fitness routines that they do aside from the ones given above. So, the next time you see a soldier on your travel abroad, try to approach them and ask for other tips too!


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Folks, here is another fitness post from our guest blogger Ryan of Ryan Fitness Goals

Ahh, the sun is shining and you’re sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand. Life couldn’t get better, right? Suddenly, you feel dizzy and start feeling a lack of energy and focus so you run back to your hotel room and try to find a thermometer to measure if you have a fever or not. One of the residents has one and, well, you’re sick. How did this happen – you might ask. If you did nothing wrong, surely there’s no way to get sick, right? Wrong. Here’s why:

When we change environments, our bodies need some time to acclimate to the new, well, everything! If your immune system is extra strong back home, it might end up being nothing in the face of bacteria it has never faced before. This is a fairly common occurrence and it’s neither surprising nor impossible to deal with. Luckily, there are a couple of steps and secrets you can follow if you want to avoid getting sick for no reason. Without further ado, here are 5 secrets that will help you stay healthy while on a vacation.


Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is always a bad thing, but it’s even worse when you do it abroad. See, when you wake up, your body slowly starts activating fully. Soon after you’re awake, you’ll feel the need to eat. Do not skip breakfast. Your body needs energy supplies and vitamins from the get-go, and by declining to give some to it, you’re causing your body to work slower to suit the current situation. You might lose a little bit of weight, but this comes at a price:

Your body will burn through anything, and that includes muscle. Additionally, skipping breakfast has been linked to issues with digestion. These problems can be even worse when you’re abroad, and your body is working extra hard to stay healthy and strong. Always eat breakfast; it doesn’t have to be anything too strong, but a relatively large meal should be considered.

Drink Bottled Water and Avoid Raw Food

This might come as a surprise to some, but, tap water from a foreign place can seriously harm you. This isn’t because their water is impure and dirty; rather, it’s because your body (again) isn’t used to such a change and difference. Bottled water is your best bet for staying healthy and avoiding indigestion and stomach cramps (in some cases, you might even get diarrhea).

Raw food is another big no – you can’t know whether that food is safe or not unless you’re an expert. Some traditional raw food (such as Japanese Sushi) is mostly safe, but if you want to try it, we recommend paying extra and going to a reputable restaurant (which adheres to safety standards and hasn’t had a history of guest illnesses).

Walking is your Secret Weapon

Walking improves the overall status of your immune system, as well as keeping you healthy and strong. You might feel fatigue due to traveling to a place that you just aren’t used to (and neither is your body), and it can also occur due to jetlag. In any case, there’s no better way to get back on track and help your body recuperate than walking. Avoid using the car or even a taxi; unless you’re in a hurry, a walk or two through the woods will do wonders for your health!

Stay Hydrated


Thinking of going somewhere cold like Iceland or Norway? Go for it, but, remember to stay hydrated! Even colder places affect our bodies, and it’s in your best interest to stay hydrated by drinking water whenever you’re thirsty. Avoid fizzy drinks and other similar beverages because you’ll need H2O more than anything. Again, our bodies can’t instantly get used to the outside; especially when the difference is so significant between your vacation location and home. If you’re going somewhere hot – pack extra bottles of water! You don’t want to end up dehydrated.

Additionally, make yourself some Kratom tea before going out! Kratom is a potent herb that can help you with energy issues. Check out Kratom Crazy for more info on this topic!

Pack Snacks


Snacks (not the junk food kind) are essential to staying healthy abroad. Some nuts and maybe even an apple or two are amazing choices because they’re packed with energy, and they’ll revitalize you like nothing else.

You will need some extra energy because you’ll end up tired quicker than at home (even basic tasks such as walking can be tiresome), so be careful!

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Getting ready for an upcoming vacation or a business trip? Well, make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips to spend healthy holidays, stay perfectly fit, and have fun.

Undoubtedly, regular exercise offers you loads of benefits. Not only it makes you feel better and energizes your body, but also it reduces your stress and anxiety. However, when you are traveling or on a vacation, your regular exercise regime may get hindered. In such situations, you are highly recommended to precisely follow these seven simple fitness tips to staying fit while you’re traveling. Rest assured that all of these tips are extremely easy to follow and do not require much time to accomplish them.

7 Simple fitness tips to staying fit while you travel

1. Always start with a healthy breakfast

Never forget to start your day with a healthy breakfast. In fact, starting your day with a healthy breakfast is utmost essential when it comes to accomplishing your specific fitness goals. Breakfast is considered to be one of the essential meals of the day. Starting a day without healthy breakfast is same as driving a vehicle without filling up its fuel chamber or gas tank.

When you wake up in the morning, the glucose and blood sugar level of your body is at the lowest point. Please note, glucose is the primary fuel for your brain & central nervous system. That’s why you must eat a healthy and balanced breakfast to ignite your glucose and blood sugar level. A good breakfast will prevent your body from being tired, irritable, and exhausted by mid-morning. Otherwise, you will probably observe some of these effects, such as lack of alertness, low blood sugar, longer reaction time, and decreased work productivity etc.

2. Do mobility work

As we age, we tend to lose our mobility. Working on your mobility aspects will help you break through the plateaus, improve your posture, and promote a better health cum fitness level. Mobility work will even allow you to maximize your progress when it comes to increasing the size of your core muscles, developing movement skills, and building strength.

The best part is — these mobility based workouts are very easy to perform and do not require any gym equipment. For example, you can try performing the following mobility workouts, such as slides, hip flexor stretches, and deep squat holds.

3. Always have a water bottle with you

Are you drinking adequate water? If not, then please make sure to carry a water bottle with you. Adequate water content is quite important when it comes to maintaining the fluid balance of your body. Plus, it even helps regulate your body temperature, digest food, and transport essential nutrients into the body.

Water should be your perfect go-to drink whenever you’re feeling thirsty. Instead of having sugar-filled drinks, please ensure to drink plenty of water. As a result, it will automatically reduce your intake for empty-calories. Thus, always keep a reusable water bottle with you whenever you’re traveling.

4. Pack healthy travel snacks

While you are traveling, you may often end up making bad food decisions. Please note, the food you consume is directly related to your overall health and fitness level. Following a healthy diet is truly important when it comes to attaining your fitness goals.

Thus, instead of having artificial and preserved food while you’re on a trip, pack some healthy travel snacks for a quick bite. Protein bars, dried fruit, and trail mix are some great choices that you can carry during any trip.

5. Make fitness a part of your travel plan

Fitness should be an integral part of your travel plan. For example, if you prefer to perform some morning workouts, then use Google and search on the internet if there’s an adjacent park (that’s ideal for brisk walking and early morning jogging).

Alternatively, if you want to undergo a “sweat training session” within the facility of a gym or fitness center, then make sure to check if your hotel includes a well-equipped gym or not. Apart from that, you can even perform a plethora of simple yet helpful exercises that do not really require any special equipment. These workouts can be easily performed within the comfortable and convenient atmosphere of your hotel room, such as pilates and yoga.

6. Walk instead of ride to stay fit while traveling

Do you know the benefits of regular walking? Well, it helps you maintain a healthy weight. It even prevents various conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Furthermore, regular brisk walking strengthens your muscles and bones. On top of that, it improves your mood, balance, and coordination. Hence, in order to stay fit and healthy (while traveling), you are requested to walk for short distances instead of riding a car.

7. Every hotel has a fitness center – use it

Nowadays, almost every hotel features a gym cum fitness center that’s loaded with various instruments and equipment. So, if you are staying at such a hotel that has a fitness center, then make sure to take advantage of it. Visit the gym and practice some of your favorite workouts (like walking on a treadmill, weight lifting, and more).

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Continuing on from the review of the Conrad Bangkok yesterday.

This hotel is proof of the importance of having enough status to access the lounge.  It was first class and saved us untold amounts of money by providing a good breakfast every morning and even a few meals at their nightly happy hour.  They even had afternoon tea!

The lounge covers half the 29th floor and has a wide variety of hot and cold foods.  The waiter or waitress will happily get you any drinks you wish.

There is a custom omelet station and serves breakfast to suit travelers from around the world including German coldcuts and Chinese Dim Sum.

The leftover pastries make a reappearance at afternoon tea.  And still taste just as good then.

Happy Hour from 1730 – 1930 is really a light meal and drinks, including mixed drinks made to order.  You can start with salad or cheeses.

They have gourmet spoons which I am not sophisticated enough to enjoy, but my foodie wife really liked.  I had a hard time getting the Peking Duck as it disappeared as soon as they brought out a plate of it.

The waiter or waitress will come by and top off your drink or you can help yourself to a variety of beer and wine.

The views cover three sides of the building and are interesting day and night.

When you are not stuffing yourself in the lounge, you can go relax by the poolside.  Although, it is a little too hot and sticky to enjoy it during the day.  Early evening was lovely though.

They have a full spa and a huge gym with its own dance studio.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the photos of those.

There is also a couple of restaurants and a café, although if you get lounge access, there is no need to visit those.  On the ground floor is a nice bar, although it seemed empty much of the time.

Lastly, they had a Buddha, in celebration of Songkran to pour water on and wish for good fortune.  Here is my wife wishing for good luck in shopping.

On the whole a great hotel and probably the best time of year to visit.  April is hot and dry in Thailand, but there are plenty of ways to cool off especially the traditional water fights!


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Staying in Bangkok for Songkran, Thai New Year. 13-15 Apr. was actually really easy.  Although I am sure lower end hotels were at a premium, staying at a five-star property turned out to be very easy.  I used Hilton points and got a great deal at 104,000 pts. for five nights.  That is actually the price for four night, but Hilton gives you the fifth night free whether you pay in money or points.  I value Hilton points at 0.38 cents each, so the 104,000 was worth roughly $400.  That’s a great price even in Asia where hotels tend to be cheaper.

We took a taxi from the airport to the Conrad for 500 Baht.  Probably overpaid a little, but it was 2300 at night and I didn’t feel like haggling over 3 or 4 bucks.  If you can have the driver use the meter, that’s the way to go and on the return it was 243 Baht.  Do expect to pay for the tolls if you use the meter, but they were include with our flat rate.

The entrance and lobby were grand as you would expect with a top tier hotel.  I went immediately to the Hilton Honors dedicated line which was empty, but the check in clerks still waited on the existing customers and only motioned me over when they finished with the regular patrons.  So much for being a Diamond!

Using the Hilton APP, I knew ahead of time that we had been upgrade to a Junior Suite.  It was everything I expected to find in a five-star suite.

I liked the desk set up as I typically still have to get work done no matter where I am in the world.

Dessert and fruit were left for us, which was a nice touch.  They were all a type of candy coating over either soft cheese or sweet rice.  A nice way to end the evening after a long flight.

The king sized bed was in the adjacent room with the bathroom beyond.

There was a cute fella on the bed and a similar one in the bathroom.  The Thai version of the rubber duck I guess.

The bathroom was great and had both a bath and a glassed-in shower.

I highly recommend this hotel even though it is in the embassy area and not the heart of the city.  It is a few blocks (and the hotel has a shuttle) to the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) – the primary mass transit system.

More on the hotel amenities, especially the lounge tomorrow.


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The wife and I took advantage of some of those super low fares to Asia that were advertised last fall.  I had always wanted to bring her to experience Songkran, the Thai New Years celebration, and got round trip IAD-BKK tickets on United for less than $600 each.  The main reason for these super cheap tickets was almost free flights on ANA out of NRT.  The PQD for the flight BKK-NRT was only $69!

We endured the 13 hour flight on UA IAD-NRT.  Fortunately, the flight was half empty so the wife and I each got a row of three seats to rack out on.  We then had a couple of hours in the United Club and went to get on our ANA flight to BKK.  We were surprised when they called our names at the boarding area.  Upgraded to Business Class!

I assume it was because the wife and I are both UA Golds due to my Million Miler status.  Pretty good to get an upgrade on  $69 fare just for being a Gold.

The seats were nice.  Not quite lie-flat, but pretty close.  Enough to get some rest on this 6.5 hour flight.

The seat came with its own instruction manual which was a first for me.  I liked the power ports since they had 110v and USB in spots where the plug wouldn’t fall out – a problem I have on UA planes.

Slippers were provided at the seat, but no amenity kit?  The FA then came by with a basket of stuff for you to pick from.

The food started out nice with a glass of wine and the world’s tiniest shrimp cocktail.

Then the first course came with a small sandwich and a weird green and white “pudding”.  I ate it, but not much flavor.  Not sure why the bread was served with this course, but I never turn down bread since I always know I can eat that if everything else turns our inedible.

Then the main course, I had chosen the beef.  It was advertised as a hamburger steak, but came as this weird ground beef heavily mixed with onion with cubes of something else all wrapped in some type of wrapper.  It came with a boiled onion in case you didn’t get enough onion taste with the beef.  At least I had the bread…

For comparison, my wife chose the Japanese meal and was really happy with it.  She is Asian so this was food she was used to

Dessert?  Well, whoever had a bad dessert?  It was a nice truffle.  I could have used two.

A short nap and then we are there in Bangkok.  Pretty good deal.  Didn’t get the upgrade on the return, but they did give us their version of Premium Economy which was pretty nice too, but I will take business anytime.

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We’ve seen the airlines change the value proposition of their frequent flyer programs over the last few years and now Hilton is taking similar steps.  What these changes have in common is that the changes give less to those who are infrequent customers or spend less and more to the truly loyal customers who spend more.

Hilton’s Old Honors Program rewarded bonus points like this:

Blue (No Status)   10 pts./ dollar for most hotels, only 5 pts./ dollar at Tru and Home2Suites

Silver                     11.5 pts./ dollar (a 15% bonus on your points)

Gold                      12.5 pts./ dollar (25% bonus)

Diamond               15 pts./ dollar (50% bonus)

In addition to the above, Hilton had their long-standing “Double Dip” which awarded the points above and also airline FF miles.  However, they also allowed you to opt to receive 50% more points in lieu of the miles and that’s what most people did.  Here’s what I would get as a Diamond on a typical stay.

So essentially, I got double points as a Diamond and somewhat less when I was either a Gold or Silver in earlier years.

Now the new program which just went into effect follows the following chart:

With the new program, there is no option to earn airline miles and the option for additional points has been rolled into the higher earning rates.  My personal example where I earned a 50% + 50% bonus, is now combined to earn the same 100%.  For Silver you are earning much less and Gold slightly more.  The upside is given as the permanent bonuses shown with 10,000 points for 40 nights and another 10,000 every 10 nights after that and then another 30,000 at 60 nights.  Since it takes 30 stays or 60 nights to make Diamond, this means very little to people like me who qualified on stays, but a lot to those who actually stayed 60 nights at a Hilton (+60,000 points).  I said that there is no option to earn airline miles like you had with the Double Dip, but they do give you the option to exchange Hilton Honors points for airline miles on a number of partners, but the exchange rate are so horrible, I can’t imagine anyone getting good value out of taking this path.

One mitigation you might want to explore, if the Hilton Program is one of your main hotels, is to apply for the new AEMX Aspire Card.  It has a 100,000 point bound for $4,000 spend in 90 days, but the benefits are a great reason to spend $450 on this card.  While there are several, the key ones are that you are a Diamond as long as you hold this card.  Also a $250 resort credit for stays at Hilton resorts.  This will either cancel out that annoying Resort Fee charged at many resorts or can be used to pay for dinner or other items when staying there.  The third key benefit is a $250 credit on a specific airline for any fees, such as baggage.  One tip is that lounge membership is included in the “fee” category so you could use this to offset most of a lounge membership if you don’t need to use it for baggage or a pad upgrade.  I conducted my own study and value Hilton points at 0.38 cents each, which says that 100,,000 points is worth $380.  Looks like you can come out way ahead on this credit card.  This makes you a Diamond to give you that top earning level – the benefits and upgrades at most hotels are very nice.  This is ideal for anyone who has a lot of hotel stays coming up in the year and wants to jump immediately to Diamond instead of working your way up the status ladder.


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