Alaska Announces New Expanded Elite Program (Incl. a New Level!)

Alaska Airlines is my favorite FF Program and for many good reasons. I have been a MVP Gold or 75K for 18 years straight (they kept my status both times I deployed) and today’s announcement gives me even more reason to continue that streak.

I just received an email from their CCO, Andrew Harrison, with several key announcements. Many of us were waiting for this ever since they firmed up the date to join OneWorld which will start 1 April. Here are the key bullets:

  • Status extended to 31 Dec 2021 – OK, expected that
  • Access to Main Cabin Extra Seats – OK, expected that.
  • Later in 2021, upgrade certificates to Business Class on international flights – wow!
  • Free upgrades on AA domestic – remains to be seen where you are in the pecking order. AS elites only upgraded after all AA elites? Or top-tier to top-tier, then mid-tier, etc.? I have had great success with free upgrades on AS over the years and will look forward to testing this on AA. Note: AA Elites – don’t be haters on this one!
  • Starting April 2021, MVG Gold 75K will be Emerald One Worlds – they previously announced this. Looking forward to lounge access internationally!
  • I’m starting off this year with EQM equal to how much I flew Jan-Apr last year and 50% bonus on EQM will extend until June. That will certainly help with the next item.
  • A new 100,000 mile elite status category starting in 2022. I know a few fanatic flyers who will welcome this. Not sure how much they can increase the benefits over 75K which already gives you 225% redeemable miles and free upgrade certs. Maybe free lounge access? Will wait with baited breathe to hear more on this.

This is just a quick note to announce the news. More to follow I am sure.

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