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I was extremely excited when I received an email today that Lyft is coming to Philadelphia starting today, Friday the 30th! However, I was also a little skeptical, but it offered 20 free rides for referring people – those people get 20 free rides too.


I’ve used Lyft several times before, all in Chicago, and it went swimmingly, and, most importantly, safely and cheaply. I know they’re trying to roll out as a big competitor to Uber, and in trying to drum up support are offering free rides. But 20 free rides??? I’d have been happy had they just offered 1 per referral. But whatever. Remember to sign up with a credit card that offers a bonus on transportation, including ground transportation, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred, the Citi Prestige or Preferred, or (this quarter) the Discover It (5% back on ground transportation).

If you’re interested and haven’t yet signed up, and want (possibly) 20 free rides, check out my link: http://lyft.com/invited/ANDREW5401


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