As a July 4th event, I am donating two United SWUs (new name GPU) to the person who donates the most to my favorite charity the USO.  I will run this contest for two weeks and see who can send me a reciept for donating the most to this worthy charity.

For those of you who missed my blog from last November on donating to the USO, the link for the USO is here.  As a reminder, you can get a consolation prize of American Airlines miles even if you do not win the contest, not to mention a tax deduction.  The link for donating to the USO and getting 10 miles per dollar is

To enter please send your reciept for the donation to my email address shown on the About Me page.  As a reminder, United only let’s a SWU be used on a W fare and higher.  Be sure and check before asking for me to upgrade you.

Happy Fourth of July to all those serving and who have served!

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3 responses to “Two SWUs for Charity”

  1. greek2me says:

    Great idea! I just donated to celebrate the 4th and to say thanks to all. A special wish for a safe tour to Andrew who just left for overseas this morning.

  2. greek2me says:

    tried to email my receipt, but do not see your email address on the About Us page. Please advise. Thanks.

  3. glenn says:

    Sorry, I listed it there now.

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