Greek2me and Charlie Sheen donated a combined total of over $1,000,000 to the USO, so I want to say thanks to both of them!  I couldn’t upgrade Charlie, since he is already as high as possible, but greek2me will be receiving the 2 GPUs for travel on United.  Thanks for participating and look for more contests in the future.

As an additional note, I have received notices from the military resorts in Hawaii and Alaska that they have specials going on in September.  Still nice enough weather to stay  at Seward, Alaska although I would bring a good jacket.  The halibut will be biting just the same.  For those more into warm weather, Hale Koa will give you a prime spot on the beach at a time when the vacationing crowds start to thin out.  Go to for reservations.

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  1. Greek2me says:

    Thanks Glenn!

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