I was recently invited to beta test a new app called Loungebuddy which, as you may guess, is used for finding airport lounges.  Most of you may be saying “I don’t belong to a club/ lounge and I don’t plan on paying for one”.  Well, you will still find this app very useful as they have specifically tailored it to military members by including the locations of all USO lounges.


This is also great, if like me, you do pay for a membership in something like the United Club, since I can have a hard time finding where it is in a new or large airport.  Also as they point out, membership in one club often allows you access to other clubs which the app will point you to.  Note they give you the cost of a one day pass which can really be worth paying if you have a long layover or especially if you are stuck in an “IRROPS” situation meaning that there is a weather or other type of event where no one is going anywhere.  The agents inside the club are the best at finding you that alternate flight.


Here is a short description of the features and some of the questions you may have.  Best of all the app is free to use!

LoungeBuddy unlocks the mystery of airport lounges. Download LoungeBuddy for your iPhone and you’ll instantly have all of the information you need to determine the right lounge for your needs based on amenities, reviews, location, and cost/access requirements. Become a part of the LoungeBuddy community, where you can view real photos and reviews for each lounge from other LoungeBuddy members.

We take the guesswork out of figuring out how to get into a lounge. Whether you’re a casual traveler looking to access a lounge on your occasional trip or a road warrior in an airport every week, tell us about yourself and we’ll tell you the lounges you may access at no cost or for a one-time fee.

Which lounges do I have access to?

Airport lounge access requirements can be complicated and highly inconsistent between locations.  By filling out your LoungeBuddy profile with your elite statuses, lounge memberships, and credit cards,  and telling us about your current itinerary, we are able to display the lounges you have access to, along with the number of guests you may bring with you at no additional cost.  In addition, we show you all lounges you may access for a one-time fee.

Why should I use LoungeBuddy instead of airline, Priority Pass or other travel Apps?

LoungeBuddy has one singular focus: making it easier to find the right lounge for your needs.  Because we allow you to provide your elite statuses, lounge memberships, the class of service you are flying, and other access methods such as Priority Pass and credit cards, we’re able to use this information to display lounges that you have access to. We are the only App you need to find your airport oasis.  In addition, your LoungeBuddy membership allows you to view and create ratings, reviews, and real photos of the lounges.  Find the lounge that’s right for your needs by filtering by amenities and locate lounges that allow you to pay a one-time fee for access.

Why isn’t a particular airport shown?

Currently our App covers 650+ lounges in the top 50 busiest airports globally. We’re working to add airports and lounges all the time.

What happens if I find a lounge with missing/inaccurate data?

Airport lounge amenities, locations, and access requirements change all the time.  While the LoungeBuddy team works hard to keep this up to date, we also rely upon our LoungeBuddy members to tell us if they notice an issue.  Select a lounge and tap “Report a Problem” to tell us what is incorrect, missing, or anything else that should be updated.

What is the cost to use LoungeBuddy?

To download the App and become a member of the LoungeBuddy community, there is no cost whatsoever, nor will there be in the future.  Think of us as the travel service that doesn’t stick you with fees!

Why should I allow geolocation?

Just like Apps such as foursquare and Google Maps, LoungeBuddy uses geolocation to show you information relevant to your area.  This includes the closest airport, and airport lounges closest to you (coming soon).

Why should I allow push notifications?

We understand that you don’t want to be riddled with notifications that have no value to you.  LoungeBuddy uses push notifications to intelligently notify you of lounges that are nearby, only when you are at an airport we serve.

Can I use this product without an Internet connection?

Yes! We understand that you may be traveling in certain parts of the world where you don’t have access to a data connection.  After you install LoungeBuddy and use it for the first time, we’ll save all airport data, amenities, directions, descriptions, hours, and access requirements.  However, you won’t be able to view or contribute to our lounge ratings, reviews, and photos until you are reconnected to a data connection.

What is the purpose of selecting my Destination, Class, and Airline each time I use LoungeBuddy?

Selecting your Destination, Class of Service, and Airline each time you use LoungeBuddy will give us the information necessary to determine which lounges you have gratis access to as well as the number of guests that you may bring in with you at no additional cost.

How do I find airport lounges with particular amenities?

We understand how important it is to have access to a shower after that long flight, or understanding which lounges offer free cocktails vs. paid drinks.  In order to filter by amenities, select an airport, and tap the bar at the top of the screen:

You’ll see a list of popular amenities/requirements you can filter by.  After making your selection(s), tap the “Save” button.  We’ll only display lounges that have ALL of the amenities/requirements you selected.  If no results display, select fewer items to filter by.

I’m a United Club member and know I have access to the United Clubs.  Why would I use your App?

Many people who are annual members of an airline lounge know the access requirements and amenities to the particular lounges they frequent, but often times don’t realize all of the other lounges they may have access to (due to partnerships and alliances), the amenities these lounges have, and the number of guests they may bring with them for each respective lounge.  LoungeBuddy is all about making your travel experience better by finding the right lounge for your needs at the right time including helping you discover a new partner lounge or alliance lounge you may not have realized you have access to.

How can I be a part of the LoungeBuddy Community?

When you download LoungeBuddy, you’re not only installing a single resource for airport lounge information, but you become a member of the LoungeBuddy Community.  Rate and review lounges to tell others which lounges are best, leave tips on the best places to sit, drinks to order, or amenities to take advantage of, and share photos to give others a glimpse of your lounge experience.

How are airport lounges displayed?

At the present time, we display all lounges first by terminal, then alphabetically.  In the future, we’ll show you the lounges closest to your actual location.

How do I keep track of the photos, reviews, and ratings I’ve shared?

Tap on the  button on the top right of the Airports screen to access your Settings.  Tap the “Profile” button at the top and here you’ll see your photos, reviews, and information about yourself.  To change your home airport, profile photo, or share your twitter name or url, tap the “Edit” button at the top left.

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  2. Friends of The Military Frequent Flyer: We’re pleased to announce that if you’re one of the first 100 people to click on the link below, you can download LoungeBuddy today for free. Enjoy! http://www.loungebuddy.com/themilitaryfrequentflyer/

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