Ok, I just ordered some Gardenia’s for my honey for Valentine’s Day (don’t tell her!), and the majority of the reason is because I love and cherish her…but I also couldn’t resist getting some points and miles out of it! I’m going to describe a quintuple dip while using 1-800-flowers, but there are some preconditions to achieving this one:

-You must have an Amex card that is synced to the 1-800-flowers deal ($15 credit when spending $50).

-You must have this same Amex linked to Plink.

-You must be going through the AAdvantage shopping portal and be going towards the Feel the Love promotion (any of the shopping portals are fine, but otherwise it’s just a quadruple dip).

Ok, here’s what you do: Make sure your Amex is synced with the 1-800-flowers promo, and make sure it’s set up to link to your Plink account. Go through the AAdvantage portal, because up until 2/21 they’re running the Feel The Love promotion, which is bonus points for spend.

I’m only going for the 500 bonus miles, and spending $50 on flowers will get me only $100 away from those bonus miles. Plus, since the AAdvantage portal is offering 8 points/$, I’ll be getting 400 AA points.

It’s not the best earning potential – many of the cashback sites have high percentage returns, and Barclaycard gets 9 pts/$, but I highly value AA miles, especially with the bonus. If I get the 400 points from the portal, and the 500 bonus miles, that’s 900 miles, which at my personal valuation of 2 cents/mile, equals $18 (some might not value them that highly, but you can do at least that high for international travel).

Pick something at just over $50 total – I hit mine just right with having it shipped the day after:

Shipping was originally $14.99 for delivery on the 19th, but that would’ve been short of the Amex sync offer. When I changed it to the 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day, it shot up to $20.98, making the total $50.97…almost perfect!

Now, here’s where to make the bulk of your points back – Southwest is running a promo where you get 1,750 Rapid Rewards points if you spend at least $29.99 on 1-800-flowers.com (HT to MMS!). You have to enter the promo code RR42 and your Southwest member number:

After you’ve entered that and applied the promo code, you pay with your Amex that is synced to the 1-800-flowers offer and is linked to Plink.


So, in summary, here’s what we’ve gotten:

400 AA points from shopping portal

500 AA points from spending $150 before 2/21 (I only have $99 to go!)

1,750 Southwest Rapid Rewards points, worth ~$29 (1,750 Southwest points x 1.67 cents per Southwest point before March 31st)

$15 back from your Amex sync offer

350 Plink points, worth $3.50


Valuing the AA points at 2 cents/mile (assuming I spend $99 through the AA portal before 2/21), and adding everything up, I calculate my return at $65.50! Even if I miss the 500 bonus AA miles, I hit $55.50, more than I paid for it! Booyah!

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4 responses to “Quintuple dip on Valentine’s day flowers!”

  1. Spencer Wheelwright says:

    In my experience, though, (and according to the fine print, as well), shopping portals such as AAdvantage Shopping only recognize the value of the merchandise–not the value of shipping and handling. So you’ll only get credit for a $30 purchase, both on the “Feel the Love” promo and on the standard shopping portal points. Has your experience with the portals been different?

  2. asar says:

    Not sure if you get AA+ SOuthwest points

  3. Buddy says:

    I just got some flowers for my gf, Thanks for the tips!

  4. Andy says:

    @Spencer – I feel as though I’ve gotten credit before for the full purchase, although to be fair, I haven’t checked specifically. That’s a really good question
    @Asar – You get AA points using the click-through portal, and get SW points entering the specific promo code
    @everyone – I didn’t realize it before, but if you use your Amex business card w/ OPEN savings, you can save an additional 5%, potentially making this a sestuple (is that even a word?) dip!

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