I have written about LoungeBuddy, the airport lounge finding app, since being asked to be in the early Beta last July.  I appreciated the fact that they made it military-friendly by including all USO lounges.  They started with only about 50 airports, but have continued to add to that number and just announced they are up to 400 airports.  Unless you are going to Kotzebue, AK (I have) this should cover about all your travels.  However, they solicit your input for other airports that they should add to the database.  you can get the latest version at iTunes or go to their webpage here.

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They also fixed what I considered a drawback.  Up until now, you have to create a whole trip itinerary before you could search for a lounge.  Now you can just flip it open and hit the button for the airport you are in and presto, there are your options depending upon your airline status, credit cards you own, being a Service Member, etc.

Here is the key part of their news release:

…the new and improved LoungeBuddy

We’ve listened to your feedback and incorporated many of your ideas into the next version of the App. This version features:

  • The option to view lounges without creating a trip
  • An improved interface
  • Expanded credit card, membership and elite status options
  • Faster processing, bug fixes and data updates
Remember, just shake your iPhone when you’re using LoungeBuddy to tell us what you think!
And  for those of you who asked, yes, they are working on an Android version!  Sign up here to be notified when it is ready.

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2 responses to “LoungeBuddy Up to 400 lounges and Other Improvements”

  1. Andy says:

    I used loungebuddy on my latest trip. It was money! The only negative was Cartagena airport was not on their database, but not a huge loss as it was 6am and we boarded immediately.

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