I have blogged a number of times about LoungeBuddy, the App to help you find a lounge in over 500 airports including the location of USO Clubs.  500+ is pretty outstanding when you realize that they are just reaching their first year anniversary.  They even were named in the top 100 of companies in Entrepreneur magazine!

They have always been very customer drive including coming out with an Android version and adding the airports you asked for.  One thing that I just started reading is their blog.  They have some really great content and I think you can get something out of it if you check it out.  For example, here is a great table for OneWorld Airlines  that lists all of the airlines and pretty much everything you need to know about miles for each airline.  I imagine similar “ultimate guides” will be coming for the other airline alliances.  There are a wide variety of topics on their blog beyond just lounges and I see this developing as a great resource for all of you frequent flyers.

Disclaimer:  For being a swell guy and writing about LoungeBuddy, they sent me a free T-shirt.  I feel so dirty…

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