So I don’t write very many hotel reviews, but we got a lucky break when staying in Las Vegas for Boarding Area’s convention, BAcon.  The wife and I came a day early so had our own reservation at the Mandalay Bay.  Randy coincidentally had booked the Manadaly Bay for all the convention goers for Friday and Saturday nights.  When we checked in, naturally we asked for a room that would carry us through all three days and not require us to move.  The lady at the desk was very nice and said they could only do that if we would stay at the Delano.  She explained that it just opened today.  A new hotel, sounds cool, let’s check it out.  After a long walk through the hotel and casino, we found the Delano (I later found out from Randy that it is pronounced Del-a-no).  This was the old THE Hotel that had been revamped.



We opened the door and found an extremely nice suite!  This was the first suite I had ever stayed in that had a powder room and a full bathroom.  The photos show what a great place this was and a pretty good deal for $90/ night!

Delano 6Delano 5

Delano 3

The photos probably don’t do the room justice.  It was so new it smelled like a new house.  I told Andy about the deal I got and when he tried it, the front desk said too many others had asked for the new Delano instead of Mandalay Bay.  Worth a shot if you stay here, couldn’t hurt to ask.

The convention was great and loved meeting all our fellow Boarding Area bloggers.  Of course, the highlight for me was finally meeting Andy, my co-blogger for the first time.  Here is our photo together in case you all wondered what we looked like.

Las Vegas 059



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  1. Nice meeting you in Vegas.

    Here’s a cool tidbit of info about the Delano – My parent’s honeymooned at the Delano in Miami over 60 years ago!

    Kathy – Will Run For Miles

  2. I think it’s Dell-Uh-NO – but I was getting really confused about that too.

  3. […] Area Convention (BACon) at the newly refurbished Delano Hotel (previously THE Hotel).  See our review here.  However, my wife never gets tired of Vegas so this was just an opportunity to explore a […]

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