Everyone should know by now that IHG ( the Holiday Inn chain) are managing many of the Army temporary quarters facilities (Army vernacular for a hotel).  We wrote about it a couple of years ago and the number of these hotels of posts has slowly, but steadily, grown to 39.

IHG Army Hotels

IHG is a great hotel chain with properties about everywhere you would think of going.  You can earn 3 points for every dollar you spend there, so you can work up a free stay pretty fast when you must go on TDY.

IHG Hotels


Now they are upping their game by building new Candlewood Suites at certain posts.  I discovered this by driving on Ft. Meade and doing a double take at the sign on the construction fence.  These should be much better accommodations to stay at than the traditional Army temporary quarters that they took over.

Ft. Meade 002

Several have already opened in Ft. Hood, JB San Antonio, and Ft. Huachuca which just opened last month.  I am not sure when the one at Ft. Meade will be ready, but my engineering expertise tells me that it will be late Spring.  Must be others in the works that they have not revealed yet.  If you spot one going up on your post, please let everyone know.


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  1. JRG says:

    For what it’s worth, this whole privatization has been wrong for the Soldiers it was meant to support. On any given post, what used to be a quality $35-60 room has turned into a hotel room with tax and higher prices. The benefit of days gone by are gone. As a retiree, I always look for Air Force bases when traveling; they haven’t privatized (at least not fully yet); it’s much cheaper and frankly, who cares about points when you are saving BIG money for quality rooms. Two years ago, my wife an I drove from CA to Washington, DC, and stayed in great suites and other rooms at AF bases for very low cost for five nights. I would say many of the Navy lodges are also great for the price, again minus the taxes and ridiculous charges during peak times (there is either a room, or there is not; not hotel price gouging).

    Sure, there are reasons for the change, to include the Army wanting to get out of the business of managing leisure quarters for families, but it made even money for the government and Soldiers, especially on vacation, really saved money.

    Just my two cents, after 31 years in the Army……

    • glenn says:

      @JRG – With all respect, I am staying at the Navy Lodge on Staten Island this weekend and it is $106/night. I rarely run into bargains any more. I think they all figure you are getting Per Diem.

  2. Rob says:

    Add Fort Benning to your list.

  3. Kenton says:

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    period of time.

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