We all knew this was coming.  The combining of frequent flyer accounts between legacy US Airways and American Airlines has taken longer than I thought it would.  Hopefully, this means they have spent a lot of time ensuring that they get it right.  They are targeting to combine during the second quarter of the year according to the email that I received.  I will be glad when this happens as I mainly accumulate miles in United and Alaska programs and US miles count in neither of those currently.

AA and US Combine Initial

I don’t see any upside to waiting, so I suggest that you link your accounts now.  Note that this probably also signals that they will cut off the US Airways Barclays Card, so apply now if you want to get those 50,000 miles for a sign-up bonus.  See my friend Greg’s post about that here on Frequent Miler Quick Deals.

AA and US Combine

If you didn’t get an email and have both types of accounts, just go to www.AA.com

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2 responses to “Time to Combine – AA Asks to Link Your US Account for Merger”

  1. steve says:

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’ll be (a) waiting a few weeks and (b) taking screenshots of my balances before going forward.

    • glenn says:

      @ Steve – That’s a great idea and take them periodically since they haven’t given a specific date in the second quarter when they will combine.

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