Every January, I end up with UA upgrades that I couldn’t use.  Some of them are from upgrades I applied for and then took the flight but didn’t get the upgrade and the instruments came back into my account.  So let me see if any of our readers can use these.  I have 2 RPUs and 4 GPUs.  The RPUs are for any domestic flight and the GPUs can be used on international flights, but only those booked in W fare class or higher.  However, the GPUs can also be used for domestic flights of any fare class.  Here is the one catch – you need to fly before 31 January.

Send me your last name and record locator via email (look on the About Us page) and I will upgrade you on a first come, first served basis.  Please indicate if you need one of the international upgrades, otherwise I assume you’ll need a domestic upgrade.  Consider this a thanks from Andy and I for reading our blog.

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  1. Jen says:

    That is quite a generous offer. I would be more than happy for an upgrade instead of my usual middle seat! I fly United from IAD – DEN Jan 28th returning Jan 30.

    • glenn says:

      Jen – I hope you and Mark, Travis, Matt, Calvin, and Blazej enjoy your upgrades. Sorry folks, that’s all I’ve got! Maybe next year…

  2. Rudy says:

    I’d be interested in the two domestic ones for my girlfriend and I. I’m an nypd officer

  3. Mary says:

    That is very kind of you! I frequently fly UA out of DEN but nothing before Jan. 31st. Thanks for offering though. Much appreciated!

  4. glenn says:

    Reader Michael posted this on another post and I am taking the liberty of also posting it here.

    I have 6 United RPU’s expiring on Jan 31st that I’d be happy to give away to anyone who can use them. Travel needs to be on or before Jan 31st. If you can use them email your record locator and last name to me at ms94105@yahoo.com

  5. Cristina Benitez says:


    I read your blog often when planning trips and getting the most use out of my miles and travel credit cards. I was wondering if you had any subscribers who are offering free global premier upgrades for a military family this year? My family is moving back from Okinawa, Japan to Nellis AFB, Nevada. We are flying united and I would love to treat my family of 3 (plus me) to some upgrades. I can’t afford to upgrade all of us so I figured I’d ask. We are in the process of booking our flights but we are flying back on United on 11/28 (thanksgiving) from OKA to LAX via NRT.

    Thanks for considering us.

    Cristina Benitez

    -Sent from my iPhone

    • glenn says:

      @Christina – I usually get offers in Dec./Jan. from people who figure they won’t use their upgrade certificates. I can put out a post to see if anyone is willing to be generous early.

  6. Cristina says:

    Thank you that’s very kind of you. Our flight actually leaves on 11/28 so I think it will be just a bit too early for anyone who has extra RPU or GPUs to give away.

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