Since we lived in Honolulu from 2010-13, it is always interesting to see what has changed.  I have to say that things must be going well there as I saw more tower cranes than I ever have there.  Lot’s going on right now.  For those of you who know Honolulu, you know the venerable Ward Center.  This old outdoor shopping center covers several blocks right on Ala Moana directly across fromt eh marina.  They announced several years ago that they would replace the low rise mall with high-rise condos while still providing the same amount of shopping space below.  They have already replaced the Nordstrom Rack and Pier One Imports into nice new stores and now the high-rise work is starting on top of the parking lot for the theater.  Looks like a nice building, but I am sure there are those who will hate the new skyline.  The photo is taken from where Pier One used to be.

ANCHNL Mileage Run 116

Next on the list of projects is something that we all might experience.  I wrote a year ago about how they had started construction on the Ritz-Carlton Residences right behind the main shopping area on Kalakaua.  They have moved very fast and must be getting close to what I am guessing will be a 30-story tall tower.  I am assuming these are timeshares so we may be able to send our Marriott point to stay here one day.  Using my engineering knowledge, we are over a year away from opening (completion of the structure is about the 50% point of a project).

ANCHNL Mileage Run 126

Next is something that has been in the works for years – renovation of the famous International Village!  Former home of Trader Vic’s, it had really deteriorated to a bunch of cheap trinkets shops.  Someone bought this in 2011 and finally tore it down for a completely new shopping experience.  Fortunately, Hawaii law requires that they preserve the Banyan trees on the property.  Here are some photos with a shot from Kalakaua and another with the substantial steelwork along Kuhio.

ANCHNL Mileage Run 128 ANCHNL Mileage Run 129

Here is a shot of the rendering of what it is supposed to look like when complete a year from now.

ANCHNL Mileage Run 127

So if you go back in the future, expect some changes from the Honolulu that you were used to!

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2 responses to “ANC-HNL Mileage Run – What’s New In HNL?”

  1. Michelle C says:

    Our cousin often says the state bird of Honolulu is the “crane!” There are a lot of changes going on. We’re actually working on a new Local’s’ Guide to Honolulu e-book, so if anyone’s interested in reviewing it for a free copy, feel free to contact us over at

  2. Drew B says:

    It’s our last ten days stationed here, getting out at the right time. Once all the new condos are done, traffic will be even worse then it has been. Plus I liked the old ward center, it had character.

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