The Space Case 1 is one of the new, “connected” pieces of luggage that’s come out recently, and this one seems to hit all the spots I’d want. It’s got an onboard battery to charge your devices when you have no outlets or other options, which consists of a 12k mAh battery with two USB ports, it’s got a secure locking device that unlocks with your fingerprint, and has global GPS tracking with an included app.

FireShot Capture - Space Case 1 - The World's Most Advance_ - https___www.kickstarter.com_projects

There is some unnecessary (in my opinion) other stuff including a self-weighing scale (I rarely check bags), and an included speakerphone (why would you ever want to conference call with your luggage??).
It’s attractive, coming in a polycarbonate case and has 360 degree swivel wheels. Who wants to get me a 4th of July gift?!?

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