Perks of Flying Military Part 3: Free lounge access


In the final installment of what perks you have available to you as a military servicemember, we will talk about lounge access at airports. I mean, who wants to languish at the gate, paying for overpriced, badly tasting food, in uncomfortable seats, (most of the time) without free wifi, unable to enjoy a TV show, and generally hating life. Why not kick back, relax in a comfy chair, get free water, soda, food, (sometimes) booze, and watch some TV or play videogames while enjoying free wifi? There are free lounges in over 160 locations, mostly airports, in the US and 13 other countries, restricted to military members.


I’m talking of course about USOs. USO centers are one of the coolest perks you can have as a military member, a place to hang out and enjoy life. The good people that staff USOs (most of them 24/7) are some of most gracious, nicest people you can imagine. My home USO at PHL is ridiculously comfortable, accomodating, and fully stocked w/ premade sandwiches, hot coffee, water and soda in the fridge, a separate kids area w/ toys and books (always appreciated by my 3 year-old and my wife), and some comfy recliners for catching a wink. The front desk staff are always pushing free stuff on us, like travel amenities, toys, LOTs of food and drinks for the flight; they always make us feel more than welcome. It makes the US Airways lounge, at it’s flagship hub, look pathetic in comparison.


Of all the USOs I’ve been to, probably Guam has the coolest one – it’s located outside of the airport, in downtown Tumon, and is HUGE, with everything you could hope for, food, drinks, video games, showers, you name it. LAX also has an impressive one, also outside the security gates at the airport. There are also USOs in Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and several Middle Eastern countries.


USOs are awesome, but they don’t serve booze, which is fine for most people, and they’re not at every airport, especially internationally, whereas most airports have some sort of airline or airport associated lounge. What do you do in those situations? There are several options, including purchasing a daypass (usually around $50), getting a yearlong option such as priority pass, or flying first class on an airline (you’re usually offered lounge access when flying business or first class, depending on your carrier and airport). But what if you don’t want to pony up $50 (which is, in my humble opinion, way overpriced), only fly infrequently, and usually fly economy?


My solution that avoids any fees and can get you into a high-end lounge in most worldwide airports is to use the American Express Platinum (non-affiliate link). This of course is predicated on you having an excellent credit score, but if you do, I highly recommend getting either the personal or business version of the card. Perks of this card include complimentary access for you and two guests to American, Delta, or US Airways lounges just by showing your card and boarding pass. You also get enrolled in Priority Pass select, which gets you access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide. And you get complimentary access to the Centurion Lounge for yourself and two guests, which is Amex’s own lounge, and let me tell you, it is magnificent! They have two lounges so far, one in LAS and one in DFW, with more planned in the future. I experienced the one in DFW, where I received a complimentary gift bag filled with L’Occitane accessories, got a free 15 minute massage, my friend got a complimentary 15 minute facial, we drank delicious and high-end cocktails and had delicious burritos and other Southwestern food, and then lounged on ridiculously comfortable chairs until our flight time.

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The Amex Platinum is expensive, with an annual fee of $450, but as I’ve said before, military members get their annual fees waived.


A couple other credit cards offer Priority Pass memberships, such as the Chase Ritz Carlton card, and the Citi Prestige, but Chase and Citi don’t waive annual fees as readily as American Express does.


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5 responses to “Perks of Flying Military Part 3: Free Lounge Access!”

  1. Dan says:

    Most are outside the security zone which does not help.

  2. John says:

    Amex Platinum doesn’t allow you access to American/US Airways lounge. This benefit was taken away in 2014.

  3. Daniel M says:

    Correct – no access to AA lounges for amex plat members. Do you actually have this credit card???

  4. […] Perks of Flying Military Part 3: Free Lounge Access! by The Military Frequent Flier. If you’re in the Military then this blog is an absolute must read, a lot of airlines and credit card companies really look after those who serve. […]

  5. Jason says:

    The details on lounge access for Platinum card holders are here:

    AMEX Centurion loungs now at: LaGuardia, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle

    Are you sure the Delta lounge access is for the Platinum card holder AND 2 other guests, or cardholder only?

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