I had a Marriott Free Night Certificate ready to expire so choosing that chain to get a hotel in for our first visit to San Jose, Costa Rica was a given.  Plus, as a Platinum, I wanted to get the benefits of status.  They have properties all over Costa Rica, and while the properties on the coast looked fantastic, this was a short stay of two days.  Plus, we really wanted to check out the capital.  In San Jose, they have properties right at the airport SJO and properties right in downtown San Jose.  We chose the compromise of the San Jose Marriott since it was hallway between the airport and downtown.  I find a full property, whether it be Marriott, Hilton, or whatever, gives a better experience as long as you could afford it.  Fortunately, the Marriott was about the same price as most of the other properties, except for the airport one, but who wants to stay at an airport hotel on vacation?

Getting to the hotel from the airport was easy with a $15 shuttle ride being arranged for.  I initially thought it was $15 each, for the wife and I, but apparently $15 goes a long way in a country like Costa Rica and that was the total charge, although I did tip the driver anyway.  One great thing about Costa Rica is that the dollar is the unofficial currency, just like Panama, and so there is no need to change money.

The hotel was very much like a resort without that ridiculous resort fee so many charge.


AS many of you know, I am an engineer by trade.  And our natural enemies are architects.  However, in this case I am forced to give kudos to the guys who designed this place.  Really amazing architecture as you can see from the pictures below.

costa-rica-038 costa-rica-040 costa-rica-041 costa-rica-046 costa-rica-048 costa-rica-053

The room was pretty great.  I didn’t get a shot of the bed, but the bathroom and coffee nook was good.  I also show the Platinum gift of a full, yes full, bottle of wine and a fresh fruit plate.  The view was awesome too with the pool and the golf course in full view.

costa-rica-014 costa-rica-015


Although we went at the end of September, this would be a great winter destination with the golf course and pool.  More to follow on dining there.

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2 responses to “Review: San Jose, Costa Rica Marriott”

  1. Andrew says:

    We’ve been in December and in May and both times the weather was great. The only problems we’ve had there have always been nature related. The first time we checked in and went to move the curtains and a scorpion was hanging on the curtains. So, the higher the better for floor there.

  2. Christine B says:

    This hotel, and their sister hotel in Los Suenos, are my happy place. Love, love, love the service here.

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