Continuing on from yesterday’s post.  We started our exploration by walking down towards the French Quarter along N. Peters St.  Of course, the wife wanted to have beignets for breakfast.  The walk there was very pleasant at 75 degrees F and a nice warm up from D.C.  I was impressed at all the renovation of the original structure that had taken place and was still going on to some extent.  We stopped right across from Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral (#2 spot to visit in NOLA according to Trip Advisor).


However, after seeing the line at the famous Café Dumond, we elected to get some at a place that was a block away. The New Orleans Famous Beignets and Coffee.  It is right next to the Jax Brewery and across the street from Jackson Square.  The beignets there are a little larger than Café Dumond’s and they have a peach-filled variety that was spectacular.  Didn’t try the Pigs in a Blanket, but sounds like a good choice for lunch.

thanksgiving-new-orleans-015 thanksgiving-new-orleans-016 thanksgiving-new-orleans-017

Continuing down Peters St. has you passing by many tourist-oriented shops.  We found the home of the Muffaletta.  If you are not familiar with that sandwich, the unique thing is it has an olive-based spread over a thick bread and then you can have a variety of meats in it.  Unfortunately, this was Friday after Thanksgiving and the store was closed.

thanksgiving-new-orleans-018 thanksgiving-new-orleans-021

After about four blocks, the street ends right after the golden statue of Joan of Arc.  Why is there a statue of Joan of Arc in New Orleans?  Who knows?  Ask the French.  However, right after the statue is the Market Café which was doing a bustling business.  They were advertising a $10.95 buffet breakfast so another good choice.  The live jazz band would have been nice to enjoy.

thanksgiving-new-orleans-020 thanksgiving-new-orleans-019

We saved the true French Quarter visit for that night, so more on that tomorrow.


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  1. John says:

    The statue was a gift to the city from France because New Orleans’ namesake is the French city of Orleans which she helped to defend in the Hundred Years’ War. There’s this thing now called google where you can find all the information in the universe. Or ya know you could just keep perpetuating the stereotype of dumb American.

    P.S. The French Quarter is about the worst place to spend your time at there. Yes, walk through it, see it, but don’t waste any more time there

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