Thanks to everyone who commented trying to win one of four United GPUs.  As I mentioned, these come courtesy of Michael there is more to that story.  Michael has written a travel book and I wanted to publish the links so that all of you can check it out as well.  Titled “The Millennial’s Guide to Business Travel”, you should definitely take a look.

Michael Puldy has a passion for travel and has flown close to 3 million air miles. He has visited over 40 countries and all United States. Learn the ropes of business travel from a seasoned road warrior, and read crazy travel stories from Michael and a few of his friends.

Find his book at: htttp:// or on Facebook:

And now to the winners:

Simon Kuo

the dood



I’ll be emailing each of the winners so they can provide their names and Record Locator to Michael for the upgrades.  Thanks again Michael!

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