In 2015 we stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki using the two free nights from the Hyatt Credit Card.  Keeping the credit card is a no brainer since the annual fee is offset by a free night, but only up to Tier 4.  That meant that the Hyatt Regency was just out of reach, but the Hyatt Place was only Tier 3 and eligible so we thought we would try it for our three nights there.

Hawaii 2017 110

For those of you familiar with Waikiki, Hyatt Place is located at the far end of the strip.  It is on the east side of the back half of the Marriott.  Access is easier along Kuhio than Kalakaua.  The desk clerk was nice and greeted me as a Hyatt Platinum and informed me of the free breakfast that was on the third floor every morning.

The room was pretty small even by Waikiki standards, but is had almost everything in it.  I say almost because it was missing one critical thing as far as I was concerned – a desk.  I had to balance my laptop on the bureau and sit on the bed to do any computer work.  Here are some photos.

Hawaii 2017 060 Hawaii 2017 062 Hawaii 2017 061 Hawaii 2017 066

The view was alright.  A good shot between the Marriott towers at the Catholic church and a spot of the water that happened to be exactly where most of the surfers were.  It let me reminisce about surfing as a teenager in L.A. – those were the days!

Hawaii 2017 065 Hawaii 2017 064

Breakfast was on the pool deck on the third floor.  It was continental, but did have Asian fare such as steamed rice and kimchi which my wife really liked.  The bagels, granola, yogurt, etc. was the typical hotel fare, but the pineapple was outstanding.  Well, what else would you expect in Hawaii?

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  1. Brad says:

    Interesting as that photo looks nothing like our room there. We stayed just a couple weeks ago using points in room 1841 I think. We remarked how large the room was and how we were able to spread out. We had 2 Queens and the sofa bed for our family and plenty of floor space to lay out all our bags and repack before heading home. I wonder if there is a difference in room sizes between the two towers? We had a nice view of Diamond Head from our room. It was a nice place for a short stay before heading home after 2 weeks in the islands.

  2. Matt says:

    I stayed this past January 11-14 using points. I was in room 1041. Not much of a view, but I was amazed at how big the room was. It had a desk and everything. It was also a corner room, so maybe that’s it? There are 2 towers at that hotel, so maybe you were in the other tower.

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