We have our third guest post from Albert today. Wish I had the time to travel as much as he does.

All Hands: Personnel Status (PERSTAT)

Greetings, Fellow Travelers!

Bottom-line Up Front (BLUF): As a traveler, passionate about planning, financing, and enjoying trips all over the world, I hope to become a travel resource for you, the readers of The Military Frequent Flyer (TMFF).

First, big kudos to Glenn, who has generously allowed me to start contributing to TMFF.

Already, two posts of mine have been published on the site, so the time is right to introduce myself and provide some expectations. For the TMFF team, I intend to provide regular reporting on where I’m going, where I’ve been, and how I got there. Plus, I plan to learn from TMFF readers, too.

In 1988, I started at the USAF Academy, got my commission, and then retired from the Air Force in 2012. During my career, I was stationed in Minot; Colorado Springs; Thule, Greenland; Guam; Italy; and Tampa. Each assignment gave me the opportunity to travel to some amazing places for both work and leisure.

Today, I live and work in Stuttgart, Germany as a USG civilian for the US Army. From here, for almost six years, I’ve managed to fly over 100K miles each year around Europe as well as Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

This map (courtesy of Great Circle Mapper) shows my travels in 2018.

On TMFF, you can expect the following posts from me:

  1. After Action Reports (AARs): my trip reports
  2. Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs): travel and credit card tips
  3. All Hands: broader topics on travel
    • Mandatory Fun: travel inspirations and aspirations
    • Burn Bag: my whine (and cheese!) column
    • Other misc. travel topics, In sum, I look forward to being part of the team.

In sum, I look forward to being part of the team.

Happy Travels!



Albert Guerrero, USAF (ret.)

Follow my travels on Instagram: @albert_traveler

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