More Free Upgrades Available for Military Members

We still have some United upgrades available and now some Alaska upgrades too. However, the Alaska upgrades need to be applied by 12/31. The flight came be later, but the upgrade needs to be applied by next Wednesday. AS upgrades are a little tricky, you need to have a flight that has “U” space available. When booking a flight, it is shown as the colored in “F” as shown below:

a screenshot of a website

If you already have a flight and want to see if there is U space, the best thing is to call AS. Note that often U space will require a higher cost fare so that’s up to you. My wife always seems to think the additional cost is justified.

For the UA upgrades, they need to be booked and flown by 1/31.

For either upgrade, please comment or send me an email.


  1. Hi Glenn, my son and I will be flying to New Orleans in a few weeks. He is a current active military in the Air Force. I would be so appreciative if you can advise me on how he can get upgraded on United as he is currently in econ plus seating with me. If successful, it would be his first time in first class which would a wonderful surprise for him. Thanks in advance. Joy

  2. Hello, I am new to the site, and am interested in the alaska upgrades. I have a few flights booked already for 2020. Please send more info if possible. I am active duty. Thanks

  3. Hi Glenn! I’m new to the site, but if United upgrades are still available, I’d love to try it out if I’m not too late!

    If so, where do I find your email to send you my info?

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