My Epic Journey to Antarctic – Landing on the Ice

The flight from Christchurch to McMurdo is 4-5 hours. Unfortunately, it is common that the pilots take off with good weather over McMurdo only to have it close in and result in having to fly all the way back for the ultimate trip in vain. I have had to do this a number of times in Alaska and its no fun. However, today would be good weather. Not much to see below until we were about an hour out. The pictures below should speak for themselves for the spectacular views.

the wing of an airplane an aerial view of an iceberg and land

an airplane wing in the air an aerial view of a snowy landscape

aerial view of snowy mountains an airplane wing over a snowy landscape

These views too me a while to figure out. These are snow drifts on clear. Pretty!

aerial view of a snowy mountain range clouds in the sky

Remember I mentioned that they build the station on the slopes on an active volcano? See Mt. Erebus with a constant plume of smoke.

a mountain covered in snow an airplane wing in the air

Then the station drifts into view.

an airplane wing in the air an airplane wing over a snowy landscape

Then a landing on the ice. No different than any concrete runway. Time to deplane.

people standing on a snowy ground with a planea group of people in red jackets on a snowy field

And then get on a giant bus for the 60 minute ride to McMurdo. Like the name?

a group of people standing next to a bus

Check out the Mad Max ride going along side of the Terra Bus

a truck in the snow

More on my week at McMurdo tomorrow.

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  1. A fun read. I spent 10 days at McMurdo in Late Ja 1999. We went by C130 – about 8 hrs in the wonderful web seats. Had 2 boomerangs back to Christchurch. The Station has certainly improved since my time. Aldo spent 3 days at the Pole. Best experience ever

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