On my recent trip to Djibouti, I traveled through Istanbul both ways on Turkish Airlines.  Being a Star Alliance Gold, I had free access to the Turkish Airlines Lounge.  Now I had to literally with through the entire airport to reach it, including the duty free shops, but I kind of think this was by design.

Djibouti 120Djibouti 008

Djibouti 112

They have a nice area in the front to store your carry-on.

Djibouti 010

The lounge is a massive 3500 square meters ( 35,000 Sq. ft.) covering two floors and is well decorated and furnished throughout.  I have been in a lot of lounges in my time, including the Business Class lounge of Emirates in Dubai, but this one tops my list.  I compare this with say the United First Lounge at Narita which has good food, but is very utilitarian throughout.  The furnishing are great throughout, although they could use more electrical outlets.

Djibouti 001 Djibouti 006

Djibouti 007 Djibouti 009

Of course the main things in the lounge is the ability to pass the time with a nice glass of wine and excellent food.  They have several of these station, smartly spread throughout the lounge to cut down on lines, where you can get a wide variety of Turkish foods prepared as you like.

Djibouti 005 Djibouti 113

If you have extra time to spend, they have some unbelievable entertainment options, including a golf video thingy and a slot car table.  There are computer with video games for the kids scattered all around as  well as big screen TVs.

Djibouti 003 Djibouti 004 Djibouti 114 Djibouti 118

Lastly, they have desserts galore and all the Turkish Delight you could handle.  Wish I had a longer layover to enjoy it more.  I don’t say that very often!

Djibouti 117



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I just saw this posted on my FB feed, and thought I’d share it with all of you. I’d never heard of this before, but for some Active Duty E4 and below and their family, you can get help with travel home for the holidays, thanks to a partnership between the nonprofit Armed Services YMCA and The Jack Daniel Distillery. (As a disclosure, I love Jack Daniel’s).

The program offers either a voucher for a plane ticket, limited to $400 per person; or a prepaid debit card for $100 per person for gas, lodging and food. Obviously it’s not going to cover the whole cost of travel, but anything helps.

This sounds like a fantastic idea; if you want to make a donation, they are being accepted at jdoperationridehome.com; donations are tax deductible.

Check out the full article here. 

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Our biggest goal here at Military Frequent Flyer is to give our fellow servicemembers advice on how to travel better and more frequently. I received an email from a young Air Force SSgt Francisco, who himself is a frequent blogger and quite a prolific traveler, moreso than I am. I offered a guest post, so here it is, modeled after Million Mile Secret’s questions. Check out his blog at gotlovewilltravel.com.


How did you start collecting miles and points?

I started back in 2007 when I signed up for my first frequent flyer account and applied for my first mileage-earning credit card. It wasn’t until 2011 though that I got serious about it.

I was deployed to the Middle East and was planning a vacation with my future wife for when I got back. I then stumbled upon Flyertalk.com and after countless hours of reading and learning about miles & points, I was hooked.

Elephant rides in Phuket, Thailand after my deployment.



What’s the story behind your blog?

We started GotLoveWillTravel.com because we wanted to share our adventures with family and friends. As our travel increased with the help of miles and points, more and more people started asking us how we were doing it and blog was our answer. We use the blog to inspire people on the endless travel possibilities with the help of miles and points!

Currently, we have our goal of visiting 100 countries and the blog has been an online journal of places we’ve checked off!

Camel ride to get to the Pyramids of Giza


Any tips for miles and points rookies?

Funnel all your purchases through credit cards! I still carry cash with me but 99% of my purchases are paid with a credit card. The trick is to pay them off each month so that you don’t accrue interest and enjoy the benefits of your miles and points! The key to the game is discipline!

Cheesing it up at the Taj Mahal.


What are some of your most memorable travel experiences?



Never in our wildest dreams did we think we can afford these trips but they were made possible with miles and points!


What do your family and friends think of your miles & points hobby?

They are fascinated by all our travels and I’ve been lucky enough to bring a lot of them to some of our trips. It’s the best feeling to share once in a lifetime experiences with family and friends!

With the Massai Warriors of Kenya.


Is there any tool or trick which you’ve found especially useful in this hobby?

Awardwallet has become indispensable to manage all miles and points accounts. I also love using Flightmemory to track all my flights!

What was the least expected way you’ve earned miles or points?

In general, I just sign up for random promotions from airlines and hotels even if I don’t think I’ll be doing them. It always surprises me to find extra miles or points in my account because of something I signed up for months ago.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.


What do you now know about collecting miles and points which you wish you knew when you started out?

Credit card churning! It took me awhile to find out that you can get the bonuses for the same card multiple times!

Pantheon, Rome, Italy.


Any travel tips for our fellow service members?

A huge part of our travels would not be possible without the military. I have been lucky enough to see the world by taking advantage of the opportunities the military has afforded me.  I have used leave en route, circuitous travel and my COT or Consecutive Overseas Tour entitlements to visit different places around the world.

Also, get familiar with Space-A travel! It’s an amazing benefit that a small percentage of us take advantage of. Visit Hawaii, Japan or Italy from where you are stationed for a fraction of the price!

Lastly, have an open mind! I have been deployed to places that I knew little about but eventually realized that there was always something to see and something new to do wherever I was.

View from our room in Seychelles


Any parting words?

Keep on dreaming! Life is too short so see the world any chance you get! It doesn’t always have to be an exotic destination; it can be the small town you’ve never visited that’s close to home.  Just keep on exploring!

Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain


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We all know the military sends us literally to the ends of the Earth.  One of these ends is the country of Djibouti.  My command has about 100 troops deployed there at any given time.  Their mission is to stabilize the 11 countries in East Africa as part of CJTF-HOA (Horn of Africa).   I finally had the chance to get out there and visit my troops to see how they are doing and engage the two-star leading that force.  All went well, but it is a long trip for only being there 48 hours.  My travel was pretty elaborate:






HOA Trip

At least I got lucky with DTS and earned United miles on everything.  Earned a whopping 15,412 EQM, but it comes too late in the year to really matter for my status which is a permanent UA Gold (minimum) due to my being a Million Miler.  It was a looong 36 hours to get there with an 11 hour layover in Frankfurt.  At least my Star Gold status gave me UA, Lufthansa, and Turkish gave me access to all the various lunges along the way!  There will be a future post on the Turkish lounge in Istanbul – truly incredible!

Djibouti 104

A picture of the airport terminal.  Why do all third world airports look almost exactly the same?

Djibouti 099

It wouldn’t be Djibouti without a goat herd blocking your path!

Djibouti 084

The flag of Dbibouti flies proudly next to Old Glory on the yardarm.

Djibouti 094

My Acting Command sergeant Major and I.

Djibouti 103

Had to leave too soon.  I almost didn’t make the flight.  I arrived at the airport in what I thought was plenty of time.  After clearing security, I didn’t see any other passengers and approached the Turkish Airlines counter.   A nice guy said “are you going on the Turkish flight?  You better hurry up!  I checked my watch and it was 70 minutes to flight time.  At the counter the guy started to give me a hard time saying that he was closing out, but when I said the other guy (I am assuming the boss) said I could make it he gave me my ticket.  Getting through customs and got there just in time for boarding.  I was still wondering what was going on as I boarded.  Then the Turkish pilot came on the intercom and said they decided to leave 40 minutes early today!  When have you ever had a flight leave that early?  I felt sorry for anyone showing up an hour before flight time thinking that there would be no problem getting through this dinky airport.

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Another guest post, this time from Alex who writes the www.authorizedboots.com blog.  Good tips for those of us who still wear boots!

Written and designed by: Alex Park

Foot Care1


Here is our list of Top 15 Foot Care Tips

  1. Only wear shoes that fit comfortably

What counts as comfortable is actually very hard to measure, but the best way to know if you’re comfortably fit in your shoes (aside from not discovering blisters walking around with them) is if you can wiggle your toes freely when you’re wearing them. This is important because shoes that are too big for you will cause too much friction between your feet and the walls of the shoe, causing blisters. On the other hand, shoes that are too tight will cut circulation around your feet, which is not only painful in its own sense, but makes your feet sweat more, making it stinky.


  1. Use moisturizer lotion on your feet

Moisturizer doesn’t exactly prevent or cure cracks on the heels, but they do help them get worse. This is because cracks on the skin get worse when it’s left dry. There are special creams for your feet, but your favorite lotion can work as well. The best time to apply the moisturizer is just when you get out of the bath, so that your feet are still a bit damp. This makes it easier for the stuff to spread out and affect your skin easily. Applying moisturizer once before going out and once before going to bed works, but if you know you’ll be walking a lot, make sure to bring some moisturize with you to use it between breaks.

  1. Remove hard skin using pumice stone / foot file

Rough heels don’t just look bad. They can damage your thin stockings too. The good news is that they’re very easy to remedy with pumice stones. Simply use thefile or stone on your feet after you’ve soaked it on warm water for 15 minutes. Tip: adding some salt or black tea on the foot bath will make the skin easier to soften. Make sure not to get carried away and rub the skin too hard, or you’ll scratch your skin.

  1. Excessive flip-flop wear can damage feet

Flip-flops, as you notice, are very flat. Rarely do you see this kind of footwear to have some kind of heel or arch support. Without that kind of support, the feet are likely to ache after walking around too much. If you must wear flip-flops, make sure you only do so when you know you won’t be straining your feet too much. Otherwise, you’ll need good comfortable shoes to support your feet.

  1. Carefully cut toenails

A lot of people think that trimming your toenails is just a matter of just cutting them short. It’s not. The reason why it’s always better to let an expert do your pedicure is that the nails have to be cut in such a way that their direction for re-growth doesn’t result to ingrown toenails. If you must do the trimming yourself, keep in mind that the edges should be rounded. Nails cut in angles are likely to dig into the skin when they grow back, and that’s going to hurt.

  1. Clean beneath your nails thoroughly

The best way to keep the underside of your toenails clean is to cut them short so no dirt can hide underneath them. But if you must keep your nails long, make sure to regularly clean them by simply brushing the underside of the toes while you’re bathing. Having dirty toenails aren’t just unsightly – the bacteria in the dirt make your feet stink too.

  1. Have your feet pampered every once in a while

Your feet are made up of muscles too. They get weary and tired as you go about your day, and you’re not even aware of it. That’s why it’s important to treat your feet to a spa every now and then. A foot massage can help soothe any aches around the feet as well.

  1. Fight against fungus problems

If you’re taking good care of your feet as advised above, you’re less likely to have concerns with fungus. But there are a lot of home remedies for feet fungus if you encounter them. If the fungus isn’t too severe, you can try tea tree oil, vinegar with apple cider, or a garlic solution. Even soaking with warm water helps. But if they don’t seem to work, you’re going to need to check with your doctor for some prescription medication. Don’t tolerate the existence of fungus because they don’t just disappear. If untreated, they can injure your feet more.

  1. Needing sunscreen? Dont forget to apply them on your feet

People often forget to apply sunscreen on their feet because they wear shoes when they go out most of the time. But if you’re out and on your feet a lot (i.e. when you’re at the beach, your feet can get sunburned too, and it can hurt just as bad.

  1. Change socks often/Try to wear cotton socks

Socks are there to keep your feet comfortable, especially when you’re wearing hard, less comfortable shoes. While it may seem comfortable to not wear socks when you go out sometimes, you’re actually just making yourself more prone to blisters. If you want to sport a look without socks, try wearing foot socks or really short socks.

  1. Let your feet breathe

There’s a reason why telling your guests to put their feet up is a common practice – the act of exposing your feet to air after being stuck inside shoes for a long time can be very relieving. Make sure you do that every time you come home.

  1. Never go to bed without washing your feet

You wash your feet for typically the same reasons why you wash your hands: to keep them clean, to prevent infections, and to ward of the spread of diseases. Your feet are part of your body too, so you have to clean them regularly as well.

  1. Let your feet soak in warm water

No fancy feet solutions needed! When you have time, just grab a basin with warm water and let your feet soak in them. Not only do they keep your skin soft, but they loosen up the feet muscles and promote relaxation as well.

  1. Wash your feet with purified water

When we bathe, we don’t always know what’s in the water we use. That’s why some people recommend bathing with purified water. It limits your body’s exposure to impurities that can be bad for the skin. This applies to washing your feet as well. Tip: if you ever go outdoors and find yourself near a stream or river and you’ve got the time, why not let your feet soak in them for a while?

  1. Always dry your feet well after you wash them

Remember that fungus grows in moist places. That’s why it’s important to make sure your feet are completely dry before you go out or go to sleep. All you have to do is to dry your feet with a towel when you leave the bathroom, something people forget most of the time.

That wraps up my 15 quick tips on foot care. Feel free to comment below if you have other ideas and suggestions.



Resources by: http://authorizedboots.com/2015/05/top-15-foot-care-tips/

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Another guest post, this time from Bobby.  Should come in really handy next week.  Hope you are able to take advantage of one of these great deals.  Thanks Bobby!

2015 Veterans Day Free Meals

Veterans Day is coming up soon. To honor the sacrifice that veterans and active duty members have shown for their country, restaurants offer a FREE or discounted meal on or around veterans day. We have put together a MASTERLIST of these discounts. Hope you have a great Veterans Day!!!

2015 List of Confirmed Restaurants (last updated 11/3/15)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Veterans Day Offers

FREE Meals from 2014


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Received an interesting email based upon being a Global Entry member.  Might be good if you travel through Britain frequently.  Personally, I found clearing London Heathrow to be a royal pain (pun intended)!

You are receiving this message because you have been identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as a U.S. citizen enrolled in the Global Entry program.  CBP would like to inform you that the United Kingdom now operates an expedited entry program called Registered Traveller.  Registered Traveller is a new service launched by the UK Border Force to give faster and more convenient entry to the UK for nationals from the United States.  Membership in Registered Traveller costs £70.  Complete details of Registered Traveller eligibility and availability can be found online at Caution-www.gov.uk/registered-traveller. 
Membership in Registered Traveller include the following benefits:
·        Access to ePassport gates at airports across the country
·        Use of the UK / European Union queue at airports across the country
·        A dedicated Registered Traveller lane at Gatwick Airport
·        Not needing to complete a landing card on arrival to the UK
·        No credibility interview with a Border Force officer.
Registered Traveller is already proving popular with members, who have provided praises such as, “This is an excellent service, it is efficient, extremely well run and very effective. I would highly recommend this service,” and “Well done Britain. Fast, secure, easy.  Great service and timesaver, and remarkably easy to set up. Thanks to all the people who made this possible.”
You can apply for Registered Traveler online now at www.gov.uk/registered-traveller 

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Here is a guest post by Christian.  It’s his first time at bat here at TMFF so let him know if you want more.

My name is Christian.. I’ve been on active duty for about 4 months. I enjoy the points/miles world, personal finance, early retirement, and travel. I’m been a fan of the Military Frequent Flyer for some time. I also write on 2 blogs. 1. My13cents.com and Discounts-deals4military.com. I happy to write a guest post today and hope you find it useful/interesting.

Military Star Card 10% Off First Day’s Purchases

About 2 months ago I walked into the main PX and was asked by an employee if I wanted to apply for the Military Star Card. I said, “No thank you“.

I’m pretty selective when it comes to getting any new credit cards and this card does not come with any sign up bonus offer. I like to “save” my credit report hard hits for larger more lucrative credit card bonuses.

She continued trying to convince me to get the card and she mentioned 2 things that caught my attention:

1.  There is only a soft credit hit when applying for the card

2.  I would get 10% discount on all my FIRST day purchases. The only exclusions were that the purchases had to be at any of the military stores/gas stations/etc.

There are also some other nice perks of having the card. For example, I get 10% off food court purchases on my post, discount on gas, 2% rewards on all purchases, and other seasonal promotions.

This was enough for me to go ahead and get the card. I was instantly approved (I don’t think that is hard to do) for a credit line of $4500 (max CL is $6500).

The plan for using this card was to max out the credit limit on day ONE for the 10% discount. Of course I don’t spend thousands on gas, shopping, etc. That would be pretty stupid to spend thousands on shopping to get a 10% discount (unless there were things you were already planning on getting). I was going to go straight to the GIFT CARD RACK.

Some of the gift cards available at the gift card rack at the Exchange (Ft. Bliss):

  • Tons of restaurant gift cards
  • Hardware/shopping stores
  • Vanilla Visa Gift Cards (including some variable load up to $500)
  • PayPal My Cash
  • Other miscellaneous cards

I wasn’t really interested in any of the restaurant/hardware/shopping gift cards because I can get discounts on those any time with gift card reselling sites.

My 2 other options for maxing out the $4500 in one day were the Vanilla Visa Gift Cards and PayPal MyCash reload cards. Vanilla Visa GC are issued by Bancorp, which have become very difficult to liquidate lately, especially with the Target Redbird card going the way of the dinosaurs. I could unload them on to my Bluebird/Serve cards at $49 at a time, but that would be very painful. Soooo….I decided to go with the PayPal MyCash reload cards.

I’ve never purchased these before, but there are some issues with this option. PayPal is known for closing down accounts if these cards are repeatable purchased and loaded onto your PayPal account. Once your account is closed, it could be a huge headache to deal with PayPal to get any funds remaining back to you. It can take months I’ve heard. Usually the do give you a warning or two before they shut down you account.

Well, I’ve never bought these cards before and I’m not on PayPal’s radar, so I figured I would be able to at least liquidate $4500 between my account and my wife’s account. They are very easy to load onto PayPal and once on PayPal, you can send money to “friends”/family or use it to make purchases with. I plan on withdrawing it over about a months worth of time.

I was waiting to get the physical Star Card in the mail to make my DAY ONE purchase, but it was taking over a month to get to me. Then I saw that there was a promotional week that would give you 15% back on your first day purchases instead of the normal 10%. You are able to use a receipt with your card number to make purchases so I went ahead and purchased $4500 worth of PayPal MyCash cards.

Sure enough about 2 weeks later I got my statement with the 15% discount on the purchase! Here is a screen shot:

This also earned over $90 in rewards (the 2% rewards points on all purchases), so the net profit from this deal was over $700!

I don’t know if the 15% off first day purchases happens very often. 10% is still a pretty good deal though.




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So writing about toilets is probably the last thing that I thought I would do when I started this blog.  Nonetheless, I can’t pass this opportunity by after writing my review of the hotel yesterday.  By my observation, about 80% of the hotel guests are Japanese, so this toilet is probably no big deal to them, but it certainly changed my bathroom experience.

Hawaii OCT 15 010

The first thing that you might notice about the toilet is that it is plugged in to the wall.  Next you might notice that there is an electronic display on the toilet.  Not sure why you would need to know the toilet is working, but OK.

Hawaii OCT 15 011

The reason for this soon becomes evident.  Sitting down on the toilet seat, you immediately find that the seat is warm, really warm.  My butt was soooo happy!  Also, the vent to the room immediately comes on.  Why you would need a warm toilet seat in Hawaii is beyond me, but this certainly would be great to have in a cold climate!

Hawaii OCT 15 012

Next thing to notice is the remote control on the wall.  This is where it gets really weird.  I felt like I was in that science fiction movie with Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock where she laughed because he didn’t get the “three dolphins”!  So, in the name of blog research, I pushed the button labeled “rear”.  Nothing happened for a few moments and then this warn stream of water started hitting my business.  OK, so in truth it wasn’t bad, just weird, really weird.  I didn’t try the “front” button as I figured that probably was for a different anatomy than mine.  I tried hitting the rear button to stop it, but only could do that be hitting the stop button.  Naturally, I tried the “dryer” button with obvious results which I admit were not unpleasant.  Then I tried the acid test of wiping with toilet paper and found that I still needed quite a bit of toilet paper!

Can someone please explain this whole concept to me?  If it was saving tons of toilet paper and single-handedly preventing global warming, I could understand all this apparatus.  But it didn’t seem to save anything, so what the hell?!!  Ah, the Japanese, who knows why they do what they do?  Andy’s now in Okinawa, maybe he can reveal the secret of the Orient – at least regarding toilets!

Needless to say, my Asian wife loved, I mean absolutely loved, this toilet.  She is now thinking how we can get one inside our house.  What can I say, opposites truly attract!

Hawaii OCT 15 013


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The wife and I are on another Mileage Run vacation to Honolulu.  I had two free nights from the Hyatt VISA Signature sign-up bonus that were set to expire this month.  Combined with a strong desire on my wife’s part to make Alaska MVP Gold75K again, I came up with a few days in Waikiki and then on to California using our BoA Alaska Card companion certificate.

We are actually staying at the Hyatt for the first time as I normally stay at the Marriott Waikiki where I have been twice upgraded to a suite due to my Platinum status.  This despite what naysayers will tell you about Marriott rarely doing such a thing.  Status is huge and I find that it is always worth my money to book a room with the cheapest view as I invariably get upgraded to some type of better room.

Taking Speedi-shuttle in from HNL, we checked in at the Hyatt and were upgraded to a partial ocean view room on the 25th floor due to the Platinum status the Hyatt card grants me.  The wife also has Hyatt Platinum status as a result of her “free for a year” United Club membership.  Chase offered her a free year with the United Club card last year when she was matched to my 1K status since I am a Million Miler with UA.  Complicated?  Yeah, I know, but that’s how you play the game to your advantage!

Hyatt Sign

Now back to the hotel review.  The Hyatt probably has the best location of all the Waikiki hotels.  Right on Kalakaua and directly across from the iconic statue of Duke on the Waikiki Beach.

DukeHawaii Oct 15 016

The Hyatt’s twin towers are connected by a block-long three-tiered open mall.  The stores along Kalakaua are well-known, such as Urban Outfitters and UGG, but the interior stores are very typical small boutiques.  It is a nice place to hang out with friends and have a cup of coffee or an iced frappe.

Hawaii Oct 15 015 Hawaii OCT 15 009

The room was quite nice.  A single large area with the dressing and bathroom off to the side and a nice balcony.  They said the property had been recently renovated.  I don’t know exactly how long ago this happened, but the décor was certainly modern and they did a good job with the amenities such as the coffee area, mini-fridge and 40″ flat screen TV.  I did like nice additions such as each nightstand have two 110v outlets and two USB ports.  Necessary with all of today’s devices.

Hawaii Oct 15 003Hawaii Oct 15 004 Hawaii Oct 15 005 Hawaii Oct 15 007

We had nice views directly up Kalakaua and the Sheraton across the street.   And there was, indeed, a partial ocean view.

Hawaii Oct 15 008 Hawaii Oct 15 010

The only complaint (and one hard to fix engineering wise) was the air conditioning.  The vent is less than one square foot and even on high fan could not keep up with the heat load coming in through the large window.  At night, it was no problem, but expect to come back to a hot room if you return at 4 pm.

Hawaii OCT 15 001

Speaking of engineering, I have a whole post tomorrow on the remote controlled toilet!  On the whole, a really excellent property and a great use of two free nights.



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So after yesterday’s post, we continued on to the beach communities in Orange County.  I have to admit that I’m a lot less knowledgeable about Orange County as , frankly, there was never much of a reason to venture down that far when  I lived in L.A.  I was really surprised at what we ran into.  The stretch of PCH between Long Beach and Huntington Beach was pretty industrial, mainly consisting of oil wells both on land and in the water.  The oil wells are still there, but property values have risen to the point that every other piece of land has high-priced beach condos and strip malls.  Beaches were certainly less crowded here so might be a better place to hit the surf if that’s on your agenda.

We stopped at Seal Beach first.  This is a nice little town which grew up around the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station.  25 years ago, when I was in 12th SFG, we used to go to Seal Beach NWS for training or to have our Family Day on a private (government) beach.  The NWS is still there but extremely quiet.  Kind of wonder how it avoided BRAC!  Anyway, the community is very nice and quaint with a pier to wander along and nice little shops around.

LA trip 006LA trip 008

Then on to Huntington Beach.  This is definitely where the money is!  Lots of yachts and fancy restaurants.

LA trip 014 LA trip 016 LA trip 013

I got a kick out of a very unique structure here.  Someone had taken an old water tower and turned it into a multi-story home.  I investigated and found that it was actually a vacation rental.  Great if you are in to exercise as you need to climb three stories just to get to the front door.  If you want to rent it, it is going for $3500/ wk. and you can find the website here.  Give us a review if any of you are adventurous (and wealthy) enough.  The fascinating history of the project is here.

sunset beach house

With that we headed back along the 405 freeway to LAX.  Nice to get out of the airport for a little while when doing a mileage run.  Upgraded on the redeye home too!

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