OK, my turn for a little holiday cheer.  I have a couple of Systemwide Upgrades on United/ Continental that I want to give away to a deserving military member or thier family.  Entrants can post replies to this blog post on why they best deserve an upgrade when flying to see their loved ones this holiday season and I’ll pick the best to apply an upgrade for.  You can talk about a service member (SM) coming home domestically to see their families or those deployed overseas.  As much as I would like to upgrade a military memebr serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, the reality is that they probably won’t have time for me to upgrade them.  Usually, the service member tells SATO where they want to go and the SATO office in Kuwait issues the ticket within a couple of hours and the SM is on the bus to Kuwait International in a few hours.  So the chances are a lot better if I simply upgrade the spouse or parents heading to meet thier SM.

Post away and I will select a winner on 7 Dec.  Remember, it will have to be a UA or CO flight.  Good luck and happy holidays!


The Colonel

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6 responses to “Home for the Holidays – Win an Upgrade for Your Favorite Service Member”

  1. Capt poray says:

    I just returned from the middle east and my other half is due home just before Christmas. We cant use an upgrade but I would like to thank you for your support Col!

  2. Cook says:

    I do not have a personal or family need for this generous gift, but just wanted to THANK YOU for making the offer. When you evaluate the possible recipients, I hope you give extra consideration to spouses of junior enlisted service members. Thanks.

  3. glenn says:

    Thanks for the support. Tell your friends, maybe someone you know can use these upgrades.

    @Cook – I always give extra consideration to the lower enlisted. I started out as an E-3 in the Army in 1985. I know who does all the real work around the military and we have to take care of them.

    @Capt P – Together for Christmas, sounds like you got the best present there is!

  4. Rachael says:


    I wanted to say it is such a nice thing to see people still appreciate the military. My husband just came home from a year long deployment and is now at school hopefully to reach his next promotion sometime the next year 2013 but will be home for Christmas so that is the best gift of all. He is an E-6 and like you joined as an E-3 however much later in life. We haven’t been home in 9 years for the holidays and really wish we had the money to purchase tickets. We just had our first grandbaby about 2 1/2 weeks ago and are dying to meet her. Unfortunately we can’t afford the tickets to see our oldest two children and the rest of our family. But I did want to say your doing a very kind thing and wish more people were submitting!! THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    I’ve also got a few system wide upgrades on American that can be used for travel anywhere in the world. would love for a military family/person on personal travel to be able to use them. Email me at dwojtkowski@san.rr.com

  6. glenn says:

    @Rachael – Congratulations and thanks!

    @Dave – Way to catch the spirit, I hope someone can take advantage of your offer!

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