While most hotels have a military discount, here is the only chain that I know if with an actual military club you can join to gain additional benefits.  Choice hotels comprises Comfort Inn/ Suites, Sleep Inn, Quality Inns, Econolodge, and many others.  While many focus on gathering points in the big sexy chains such as Hilton and Marriott, I would encourage you to also be in a program such as Choice since many times you will either have to stay in a Choice hotel when on orders or find that it is the economical choice when traveling with the family.

Choice Hotel’s Armed Services Program can be found here.  They have occasional special offers that they will send their military members, but the biggest benefit is likely the guaranteed 10% bonus on points earn in their program.  The points can really add up fast and then give you a nice little virtual bank account to draw on when needed.  I remember moving up to Anchorage about ten years ago and the family and I spent about two months staying in a Choice hotel.  When it came time to visit my folks for Christmas, my Mom was worried about fitting everyone in the house.  I told her no problem, we’ll just stay in the Choice hotel down the road (I didn’t tell her it was for free).  Made everyone happy – especially my wife.

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