Hotel Review: Moxy – Living Like a Millennial in New Orleans

Moxy is one of the 30 brands of the new Marriott/ Starwood family.  It was invented a few years ago to appeal tot he Millennial generation, but you may find it to your liking even if you are over 30.  We used it to stay cheaply in New Orleans while helping our daughter move after graduating from Med School.  We could stay there, only a few blocks off of Canal St., for less than $100/night.

The building looks to be a renovated old hotel or office building.  The neighborhood felt fairly safe, but I would still watch yourself walking around at night.

a building with windows at night

The hotel tries super hard to be “hip”.  They fail in some thing, but succeed in others.  Such as offering free drinks at check-in.  In fact, the check-in desk is just an extension of the bar area.

two plastic cups with straws on a tablea bar with a laptop

We stayed in Room #7.  Eclectic art is a big theme here.

a poster on a door

The room was very Spartan, but being a military guy, I was OK with that.

a bed with a tv on the wall a room with a bed and luggage a bathroom with a sink and a mirror a shower with a black shower head

They tried to be whimsical with the décor and some was actually very smart, such as hanging the extra chair and ironing board on pegs on the wall.

a chair and ironing board on a wall a desk with a lamp and a framed picture on the wall

a cart with a bucket and a bucket on ita pillow on a bed

You can get both happy hour finger food and breakfast downstairs at the bar for hot food or this pantry for make your own stuff like bagels or cereal.

a menu board with writing on it a sign with writing on it

a kitchen with a black shelf

Our take on Moxy was that it was a great value for the stay and an interesting experience.  We plan on repeating next time we are in New Orleans.

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