Yesterday, I took a common flight for me IAD-HNL.  Going through IAD and going towards the Premium Passenger security line, the guy standing saw my military ID and said I was in the wrong place and should go through the TSA Pre-Check line.  He told me that two months ago DoD signed all active duty up to use any TSA Pre-Check line not just the three for the test roll out.  I know he said active duty, but I think the real deal is anyone with a CAC card including the Reserve and National Guard.  I proceeded back up the escalator and another guy guided me to the TSA Pre-Check line in the middle of the terminal.  It was just me and one other guy, so I am not ssure that the Government is getting their money’s worth out of this.  I am finally getting used to the new rules for Pre-Check which are really the old rules prior to 9/11.  Keep your shoes, belt, and jacket on and don’t worry about taking your laptop out or liquids in your bag.

Here is a list of airports:





Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky




Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood

Houston – Bush International

New York’s LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport

St. Louis

Los Angeles

New Orleans


Minniapolis-St. Paul

Puerto Rico






Salt Lake City

San Francisco




Washington Dulles

Reagan/ National

As far as I am concerned this is a great turn and I am really glad that this priviledge has been applied to all our service members rather than just frequent flyers.  Pre-Check is currently offered at 27 airports with a goal of 35 airports by years end.  Try it out next time you can.

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  1. benji says:

    Just to be clear, a military member doesn’t have to sign up or do anything other than show up with a CAC? Do you have to be in uniform?

  2. Ari says:

    Will try this on Saturday @ PHL…

  3. sendbillmoney says:

    This TSA link might be of interest to some of you.

    Bill (MSgt, USAF Ret)

  4. glenn says:

    @benji – I was in civvies with just my CAC card and had not done anything to sign up for Pre-Check so I think the guys was right when he said DoD enrolled everyone. Please let me know your personal success with the program.

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  6. CW2 Chris Lewis says:

    Active duty can not use Pre Check at all of the locations. I flew through FT Lauderdale last week and they informed me that they are not set up to accept CAC cards. There are only a few airports that are tied into the system for CAC access..

    Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT): Main Terminal, Checkpoint B

    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): Main Checkpoint

    Honolulu International Airport (HNL): Main Terminal, Checkpoint 3

    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA): North Pier Gates 35-45, South Pier Gates 10-22

    Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA): Checkpoint 3

    Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD): Main Terminal, TSA Pre ✓™ Checkpoint

    I have used it at Reagan National and loved it.

    • glenn says:

      Thanks, Chief. Appreciate the news. I would be interested in anyone else’s experience. I have successfully used it at most of the airports you listed above, plus ANC. I am flying up to DET next weekend and will try it there.

      • glenn says:

        Chief, tried my CAC card at DTW today and it went through without a hitch. Perhaps the TSA has approved more locations since you last heard that news.

  7. Bret says:

    Denied at SFO. Active military with CAC. Asked a bunch of TSA and United people, they all seem clueless about the program, best I could get was that “sometimes it just works”. They couldn’t tell me if I need to register as military with United or with TSA or how the program works. Again another government program with much potential and no follow through.

  8. Nate says:

    Active Duty O-3, 19 years of service.

    I have been consistently denied at LAX and ORF even with all my info in the Defense Travel System. At Reagan in DC, I can go through fine regardless of the info with just my CAC. Everyone blames everyone else or ignores me.

    • Charles says:

      It’s definitely a pain to have to baby-sit it like this, but if I book in DTS I usually still go to the actual carrier’s website to enter the DoD ID into the Known Traveler field. I also ensure that it is entered in my profile with any Frequent Flyer programs I am a member of in case it helps. Honolulu still has the ability at one PreCheck lane to simply scan the military ID, but eventually that will go away at all stations as they are pushing the ‘Known Traveler’ method.

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