I had reviewed this lounge in its previous version a few years ago when it was an Aspire lounge.  It was a pay for play lounge which obviously didn’t get enough customers and closed a couple of years ago.  Now it has been completely renovated and opened as The Club.  The Club is a rapidly spreading chain of private lounges that take Priority Pass for admittance.  I was really glad when they re-opened this lounge as it really sucks to wait around for your flight in the main terminal seating.  I guess you could call me spoiled.  I also like the fact that Alaska moved their flights to the D Terminal from the C Terminal to be closer to this lounge.  So let’s check this out.

The directions say they are at Gat D10, but it is really closer to D11 so keep walking until you see this sign.

Show your card and sign at the front desk and enter.  It is not the largest lounge in the world – but it is the only one in the domestic terminals at BWI.

Even though it is small, there was plenty of room for my wife and I.

There was a nice variety of food, but it was mostly cold food.  I did like the fact that they had granola bars to grab and have on the plane.

Not to mention the essential coffee machine

Even though they are not part of an airline, they have a nice board to make sure you don’t miss your flight.

So this lounge definitely gets my recommendation whenever you need to travel through BWI.


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  1. dan says:

    who is turd in the picture taking up 3 chairs for two people. RUDE RUDE RUDE.

  2. […] off to L.A. we went.  First stopping at The Club in BWI that I recently reviewed here.  We were upgraded to Frist days ahead of the flight due to the low passenger count.  Traveling […]

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