If you have been following my blog, you know that last spring I got the Veterans Advantage Card and I thought it worth a little update to see how my savings are going so far.  The card gives discounts on a wide range of items, including pharmaceuticals, Ford cars, Footlocker, etc. and best of all a %5 discount on all United tickets.  They just announced a new benefit of 10% off everything at CVS/ pharmacy (except ironically prescriptions – but they have a separate prescription benefit).  This CVS discount is great since it is above and beyond any normal veterans benefit that you could get with out the card.

So how am I doing so far this year?  I have saved:

$210 on United tickets for myself and my family members.

$48 on car rentals through Thrifty and Dollar

$ 350 on a Ford SUV ( this discount is new this year and came out only two weeks before I needed to buy a car for my graduating daughter)

Total:  $608.00  that’s a 935% ROI on my $65 investment.  And I probably could save more if I worked on all the discounts they have.  There are so many that I sometime forget to apply one.

Pretty good deal and you do not have to be a veteran yourself to get the card, only be related to one.  Eligibility and sign ups are on their home page listed here.  You can even sign up for a one month free trial.  Make sure you check out their Special Offers as they always have a discount or other extra benefits.

In the meantime, I plan to keep saving and see if I can break $1000 in savings for my one year investment


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8 responses to “Veterans Advantage Card Savings to Date and a New Benefit”

  1. Ryan from MA says:

    Hello sir, i feel like USAA’s avis deals are always an amazing deal…

  2. Gene says:

    Can you save 10% on Vanilla Reloads at CVS?

  3. glenn says:

    @ Ryan – Agreed, any Service Member who does not take advantage of what USAA has to offer is foolish IMHO.

    @ Gene – What are you trying to do? Start the next Dollar Coin scheme?
    Seriously, here are the limitations listed on their site: Exclusions and limitations: The 10% savings exclude prescriptions and gift cards. I would assume the Vanilla Reloads count as gift cards, but you are welcome to try and report your results!

  4. Chris L says:

    Gene – my first thought too! I just checked the website and it appears to me that the discount at CVS is only for CVS.com, and additionally the T&C’s say the discount excludes gift cards (I know that technically a vanilla reload isn’t a “gift card” but I gotta think it would be lumped into that category). I don’t know if Glenn has had luck using the discount card in a physical CVS or not.

  5. Chris L says:

    And Glenn, thanks for reporting back to us your successes using the card.

  6. Pablo says:

    Walked into Verizon store and added 15% discount on my existing plan. Also, there are savings of $100 on Apple computers.

    Thanks for headsmup Glenn. UA discount works like a charm.

  7. Mark082 says:

    The real question is if the 10% stacks on to any other %-off sale at CVS.com. If it does, then the savings would really add up. Too bad CVS gift cards can only be used in store; otherwise you could buy CVS gift cards at a discount at one of the used gift card websites, and then stack that.

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