I almost never talk about deals, but we almost never see Double Mile Promotions any longer.  The one big catch to this offer is that you have to be an Alaskan resident!  For Alaskan residents that are members of Club49, they are automatically enrolled to receive double miles anywhere AS flys between 17 May and 3 Sep.  If you are not a member of Club49, go here to sign up.  The Double Miles offer is prominently displayed there.

In addition that great offer, Club49 members also get triple miles between ANC and SEA, but only for certain flights.  The flights must leave ANC between 2230 – 0200 which is not a problem as most flights leave in the middle of the night in Alaska.  The wierd one is that they must leave SEA between 1945 – 2045.  Pretty narrow window and only a flight or two a day could qualify for that standard.  Nonetheless, fligts between ANC and SEA are pretty common for Alaskans so they will really score of this deal.  Note that you do need to register for this promotion.

Note this one warning they post:

To Ensure That Your Miles Credit Properly:

Please do not register for any future Bonus Miles promotions for flights you plan to take between May 17, and September 3, 2013.

Makes me wish I still lived up there.  Well, a lot of things make me wish I still lived up there.  Glad I kept my house in Mid-town Anchorage so I can visit now and then.

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5 responses to “Double/ Triple Miles on Alaska”

  1. Deb W says:

    Have you heard of the delayed spring that we have been having?!! I’ve gotten at least 36″ since Seward’s Day (3/25). In Anchorage.

    • glenn says:

      Yes, it seems to be another crazy weather year. I was enduring 30 degrees in D.C. last week and today it hit 90! Not to mention all the fun they are having in the Rockies right now. Whoever said Breakup only comes once a year?

  2. Deb W says:

    Every year at breakup I get a lake in front of my house which usually comes within 5″ of my garage door. I have call the City and they come out and steam thaw the culvert. When it warms up this time it will be the third time this year!!

  3. CDKing says:

    Can I borrow your address 😉

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