For the last two weeks, I have been one of the featured bloggers on Boarding Area. My readership went up dramatically with this greater visibility and my writing new posts almost every day. That is not easy for me and my schedule of 70-80 hours a week of work. During the two weeks, I had two change of command’s to officiate and Fathers’ Day at Camden Yards. That explains the days I just couldn’t find the time to post, but I hope you have been happy with what I cold provide.

The posts have been turned into pages which reside on the left side of my blog. This way new readers can peruse through the basics easily without trying to go through old posts to find that knowledge. Feel free to recommend anyone you know who is interested in frequennt flyer programs to start there.

I promised a contest for two United GPUs for all those who posted. There were 38 of you and using the practically mandatory use of for Boarding Area blogs, I determined number 13 to be the lucky winner. Congratulations Jonathan! Pick your flights and let me know when to apply the GPUs.

I promise to keep blogging, although it won’t be every day. I will continue the series on each airline and tips and tricks for their FF programs. If you have ideas for future subjects for this blog, please post them and let me know. I am also happy to answer questions you may have on specific items. I am here to help, so let me know how.


The Colonel

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6 responses to “Thanks for the Last Two Weeks!”

  1. Joseph M says:

    Thanks, It has been a great read so far!

  2. Jonathan says:

    It’s good to have someone who blogs from the government perspective. Our world is so much different than the corporate one.


  3. Joey says:

    Thank YOU for the past two weeks! I’m not a blogger but I enjoy reading travel writing and I think as long as you keep writing what matters to you in the world of miles/points/travel you’ll be fine.

  4. Claire says:

    Though the military perspective isn’t particularly relevant to me, I still find much value in your posts. And it’s always an easy read given your clear writing style.

  5. I’m glad you got some great stats from being a featured blogger and I hope you had a lot of fun from it ­čÖé Keep it up!

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