You are all winners today! No reason, just thankful to be able to write about my hobby on a great blog, with great readers. I emailed everyone who commented by this morning (my email is; if you didn’t get it, perhaps check your spam folder?) If I erroneously missed you, just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll hit you up!

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5 responses to “Contest Winners!”

  1. hdawg says:

    got your email and love the tips, great find. looking forward to more informative posts, tips, and s*cr*ts

  2. Mad says:

    Read your blog whenever it is included in Boarding Area and have enjoyed the tips.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Great blog. I wish I had know about this world while I was still in active duty

  4. phill gold says:

    didnt see mine. Thanks!

  5. Dean says:

    Love your blog, and would greatly appreciate it, if you could hit me up.

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