Thanks for all those who posted their own tips.  I randomly picked a winner from the nine submissions and came up with number one – Kim!

Congratulations Kim.  Email me your UA Record Locator and your last name and I will be happy to apply the GPUs.  Reminder that the flight has to be W fare or higher for international travel.

Thanks for playing.

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2 responses to “And the Winner of Two UA GPUs is…”

  1. Kim says:


    Thanks; never had or used a GPU before, so I will need to do some research and try to project/reserve a paid flight before 31 JAN.

    I thought Shari’s comment about travel discounts with the USAA MasterCard was interesting. In my experience, the USAA discounts with rental cars can’t usually be beat, but there isn’t a need to use a USAA CC. So I am curious about the discounts to which she is referring.

  2. Shari says:

    Congrats, Kim!!

    I just posted the how-to over on the other post, but I’ll copy/paste it here as well —

    Basically, if you have the USAA Rewards MasterCard & are enrolled in USAA Rewards for that card, you earn a point per dollar. When you’re ready to trade those in, you book your flight or hotel through the site, you choose Any Hotel Reservation or Any Flight Reservation. Plug in your parameters, and you’ll then be presented with choices, either with the standard rate, or the rate that computes to how many points you have, plus any overage, if necessary. For instance, if I try to book a flight from DC to NY right now, I’ll get the option of 15,000 Points or $140.01 one-way. Make sense?

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