Andy and I often receive individual questions regarding someone’s specific scenario, but I would like to throw open the gates to all your question so that others can see the concern and response.  That way others may have a similar question and see the response as well.  Questions regarding how to do something or wondering if something is legal and can be accomplished are all good.  So fire away and let us know what is on your (collective) minds…


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5 responses to “What are Your Questions? – Ask Andy and Glenn”

  1. CJ says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Thank you for opening up the doors. I am pretty new at all this and love all the tips and advice you have given.

    I live in Seattle and mostly use Alaska and their partners for flights. However, I took 2 business trips last year that I needed to use ANA. I put those miles in a US Air account because I had heard about the US Air merger. Now I have 17K miles sitting there and about 170K in Alaska. Is there any way to utilize those 17K miles in the future on an award with an Alaska partner? I know there will be a change the end of March, just not sure if there is any way to combine those 17 mile miles with my Alaska so their not useless.

    I appreciate any advice!

    • glenn says:

      @ CJ – You’re right that those orphaned miles are not enough to do anything with. There are two ways to fix that problem. The recommended way is to apply for a credit card account (either USAir now or AA later) and combine the 17K with the CC bonus + spend to get a really nice free ticket or two. Alternatively, you could credit rental car miles and/or hotel stays to USAir to bump it up to 25k where you can get a free ticket. The latter may take you a while depending on how often you use rental cars/ hotels. There is not an economical way to actully combine the miles, but if you wait until the US miles turn into AA miles and bump them up, you can use them to book an award on AS.


  2. CJ says:

    Thank you Glenn,

    That’s a great idea. I will have to check out both credit cards and see if one has a better bonus for signup. I appreciate your help. (I noticed my typo on the use of their vs. they’re. I needed more coffee)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Shannon says:

    I have a question for you … My hubs is active duty, retiring within the next 10-18 months (we hope). I am the traveler most of the time. Do you know what hotels allow military discounts for dependents? Sometimes the government rate is better than AAA or IATA.


    • glenn says:

      @ Shannon – I checked a couple of the major hotels and their rate rules state that the traveler needs to have a Gov’t employee or active duty military ID. They almost never check my ID to verify, but they certainly could. So it does not look like you have to be on official travel, but you need to be the one who is employed by the Gov’t.

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