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After applying for benefits from Capital One, under the requirements of the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act for my prior No Hassle Rewards Visa Signature card, I quickly received word that I qualified. I didn’t expect any more follow up from that, and as I don’t expect to apply for a Capital One card anytime soon (unless they bring back the 50K Venture), thought that was the end of it.

 However, I was extremely and pleasantly surprised when this arrived in the mail:

Capitalone check-page2


$156 back from Capital One for reimbursement for annual fees and interest charges! I honestly had no idea that there were any charges previously…this is amazing!

 This is now the third credit card company from which I’ve gotten reimbursement. First, Amex reimbursed the annual fees charged on my Mercedes Benz Platinum, $475, and on the Blue Cash Preferred, $75. Then, Chase reimbursed the annual fee on my Southwest Plus card, $69, and on my Sapphire Preferred, $95.

And on Christmas Eve, we heard from MAJ Brian who received $2500 reimbursed from Amex!


This is amazing, and I have even better news from other credit card companies – keep reading our blog for details in the month ahead!


  1. Hi Glenn, I’ve just come across your block and it is really cool! I’m an active reservist in Australia and I was wondering if the SCRA and TSA benefits might apply for allied active members. Would you know if this is the case, or who I might contact to find out? I’d love to get the Amex platinum benefit, and they have an Australian version but the fees are exorbitant at a $1,200 annual fee (!)
    Many thanks, Victor

    1. @ Victor – The SCRA benefits and TSA Pre-Check only apply to U.S. military members. You may need to do your own research into Australia’s laws to see if there is an equivelent to SCRA and then write Amex.

  2. That’s great to hear! Several of my family members work in Corporate at Capital One & they treat their people right for sure. 🙂

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