For those of my loyal readers who live in cities serviced by Uber, you might know how seamless and easy an experience it is compared to using normal taxis. Or maybe you’ve heard from friends and families. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but I signed up through a friend’s referral link which gave me $15 of free credit, so my wife and I Uber-ed for a date night, and we loved the experience! We don’t use it all the time, because that would be cost prohibitive (and I’m a big biker), but we do for special occasions. And it make those occasions seem more special and painless than getting a regular cab. Everything is handled in the cloud and on your phone – you don’t need to get your wallet out, tip is included, you get in the car, tell them where to go, and get out at the end. And every driver we’ve had has been incredibly gracious (which is a rarity in Philly!).


For a limited time, FOR NEW USERS ONLY, use my referral link, or anyone’s that is a member of Uber, to get $20 free credit, until Jan 31st (it’s $10 after that time). As a disclosure, I also get $20 for everyone who signs up, so it’s win-win. Also, for a limited time and for first-time users only, use this link to buy an Uber Groupon, paying $5 for $25 credit. It’s through Boston’s page, but can be used anywhere Uber operates. Below is a list of cities in the US in which Uber operates:


And this link shows the 25 other countries where Uber operates. If you’re stationed in Germany, Italy, South Korea, Qatar, UAE, Japan, and a couple others, you might just be in luck!


Bottom line, using these two links will yield you $45 of Uber credit for only $5. Act quickly though, as the referral link is only valid until Jan 31st, and the Groupon might be gone sooner!

For those of you upset at the first-time users requirement, I tried the Groupon and it worked for me even though I am not a first-time user.


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15 responses to “Get $45 Worth of Uber Credit for $5”

  1. Andy says:

    I really dislike how most of these promotions run through Uber are only applicable to “new” users. Even the Groupon only works for “new clients.” I think that is ridiculous. They never seem to reward their loyal members. I love Uber and use it frequently when I visit big cities (e.g. Chicago & NY). I feel like this Groupon should work regardless of whether you have used Uber before, or not. Thoughts?

  2. Leon says:

    Please edit post to show that group on is for first time users also. Thanks.

    • Andy says:

      @Leon – done, thanks for the notice.
      @Andy & @COL – It’s kind of lame that they only target first-timers. They should have a frequent rider program…oo and maybe a credit card!
      COL, good news, I’m going to get one and see – I mean, it’s only $5, so if it doesn’t work, it’s not a huge loss.

  3. al says:

    I think you should re-write this post. Groupon is for new users, and I assume you can’t recieve both the new user and the groupon under one account.

  4. Andy says:

    @al – I’ve had two new users do it successfully with my referral + Groupon, and I’ve read other frequent flyer blogs where it’s been successful as well. That being said, with all things, YMMV.

  5. Andy says:

    ok, I’ve rewritten it to explain it’s only available to new users – sorry about that!

  6. Shari says:

    We’re going to London & Paris in April, and this will come in quite handily. Thank you!

  7. Andy says:

    @Shari – Right on! That’s great, I have never been, but hope to go someday!

  8. Benny says:

    I bought the Groupon which wasn’t a problem, but when I typed in the promo code I got from Groupon into Uber, it said only for first time users.

    Did you try and add the promo code to Uber?

    • glenn says:

      @ Benny – No I did not. I figured that when it said “successful”, then it was. Dang, should have taken the next step, sorry. At least I have found Groupon really good about refunding your money.

  9. Andy says:

    @benny – I was just about to suggest that. When I first signed up, I used my referral link for my wife’s acct.

  10. Chrissy89 says:

    I just got a free ride to the airport with code ‘uberInStyle60’ (confirmed working). Good for 3 free uber rides ($20 max/each ride)

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