Earn Hotel Points When Staying on Base with IHG

In case you have never run into it, many military hotels are now being managed by IHG, and allow you to earn all the points and nights just like any other major hotel chain, for living on base/ post.  I wrote about this before, but now the program has grown.  The DOD is treating this similar to privatized housing that we are all familiar with.  Lend Lease (formerly Bovis Lend Lease) owns the hotels and IHG manages them for them.  As with the privatized housing program, the company puts money into these hotels to make them a desirable place to stay rather than feeling like the typical Government run facility.

This tip comes from reader Chad, who says that IHG is a great program because they have many bonus codes all of which can be stacked for a stay.  Here is a long list of them from Flyertalk.  As someone who was a Royal Ambassador in this program, I can vouch for the usability of this program which includes everything from Intercontinental  to Crown Plaza to the ubiquitous Holiday Inn.


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