Rewards PlusI don’t usually write about promotions, but this one is very nice and I see no one else writing about it on Boarding Area (maybe they weren’t targeted).  Got a nice email a few hours ago from United.  They sent a promo to get double your UA miles (up to 50,000) and double your Marriott points (up to 30,000) from 1 November through 5 February.  This apparently was sent out to Rewards Plus members.  That is the name of the program where elite status with UA translates to elite status with Marriott and vice versa.  I can’t really use that program since I am 1K with United and Platinum with Marriott, but it never hurts to sign up for these things as is demonstrated by this nice offer.  Here is the link to register, but it is clearly targeted so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work for you.

There are a few catches (naturally):

1.  You must fly S fare or higher (not hard to do)

2.  Government fares don’t qualify

3.  Marriott double points only start on your second stay during the period

4. Ticketing can be between 24 Oct – 5 Feb

5.  Stays at Ritz-Carlton “count towards achievement”, wow even their promotion language is fancy!

I know the Gov’t fare one is a big bummer for most of this blog’s readers, but we do have veterans and others out there who can take advantage of that.  What really excites me is the double points with Marriott as you almost never see a double points promotion with them that applies to all their properties.

If you have elite status with either program, sign-up for the Rewards Plus program and you might still get this offer.  Anyone besides me get it?


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3 responses to “Double Marriott Points/ Double UA Miles (Targeted Promo)”

  1. Robert says:


    Got this also…plus a big additional perk complimentary United Platinum status..You were 1k already maybe thats why you didnt get it


    • glenn says:

      @ Robert – Complimentary UA Platinum?!! That’s huge. That will really make a difference on getting an upgrade, good for you!

  2. Andy says:

    @Robert – Dangnabit! Platinum?!? Maybe I need to start accumulating Marriott points…

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