-The Bluesmart carry-on luggage is now taking preorders on Indiegogo. It is a carryon bag that is reimaging the traditional bag, where you can lock and unlock it with your phone, weigh it digitally using it’s own wheels, recharge devices with a built-in charger, provide tracking with a built-in GPS, and other cool stuff.


-Have you ever wanted to book a flight specutively, but wouldn’t be sure about that date for a week or two? Optionsaway is a new cool website which lets you put a 3, 7, 14, or 21 day hold on a paid flight. There is a small fee, ranging from $4 to $36 on a potential flight, but it might be worth it for locking in a cheap flight – just make sure you check other sites to compare prices, such as ITA Matrix.


View from the Wing has an intriguing article on some “Darknet” websites, where you can purchase stolen airline miles for super cheap prices. You can buy from 50k to 1 million miles, for ridiculously cheap prices. I don’t recommend doing this – the airlines can shut you down permanently, and it’s likely illegal.


-If you want to meet new people while travelling, either as friends or for something more romantic, there’s a website that aims to link up single travellers. Triptogether, “is a vibrant new social travel site designed to take your vacations, business trips and love of adventure to even greater heights. Packed with member profiles from across the world, the site lets you find travel mates and share your past, current and future travel plans”. Reading through some of the online reviews, it seems as though a lot of the profiles (mostly the attractive women) are fake…YMMV.


-Finally, if you’ve never heard of hidden city ticketing, then you might want to read about it…and you also might want to check out the site Skiplagged.


Have you found any other cool travel-related websites recently?


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