Reader Edward has determined there is no way he is going to use all those hard earned United upgrades that he has earned and would like to generously donate those to a Service Member traveling for the holidays.  He is ponying up 2 Regional Premier Upgrades (RPU) and 3 Global Premier Upgrades (GPU).  Being pretty much in the same boat, I will throw in a couple of each myself.


Now, United upgrades can be a little confusing (rules and stuff), unlike American which are good on any fare.  Here is the chart on where you need a RPU and where you need a GPU.  The biggest caveat is that you need a W class fare or higher to use a GPU.  For example, I have a trip on United back from Germany, but it is in S class so I can’t use one of my six GPUs.  A common myth is that all the Government fares book into Y class (the highest) and I rarely find that to be true.  Here is another weird fact.  You need a GPU to fly UA Guam to Hawaii, but Guam to Philippines is an RPU!

United UpgradesWe really hope there are some well deserving service members that can use them out there.  I was fortunate enough to fly to meet my family during the holidays on both my tours in Iraq and I can say that it would have been a lot more pleasant in First!  Send me an e-mail for those interested and I will forward to Edward.



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  1. Manish Vanjani says:

    I’m interested as I’m flying on United for next 6 weekends. So I hope atleast I can use it on any one of those flights.

  2. Manish Vanjani says:

    I hope atleast I can use it on any one of the future flights as I’m flying on United for next 6 weekends.

  3. Angie W says:

    I could make use of 2 RPUs for a trip to Manila in Feb if they are still available. (SEA–SFO–HNL & GUM — MNL, skipping the HNL to GUM segment as it needs GPU)

    Thanks in advance either way:)

  4. Jerry Leigh says:

    Such a generous contribution to this virtual society! I am interested in a GPU since I’ll go Taipei in Christmas.

  5. Sam Barnes says:

    My girlfriend and I are flying EWR-HNL at the end of the year, I would love for that to be up front. Thanks in advance!

  6. augias says:

    I have a flight EWR-AMS in January that I could use the GPU on! The upgrade inventory is even available right now and I’m on a W fare. Would be immensely grateful!

  7. David says:

    I will be flying to Kadena next Thursday from Seattle. I would be honored to have an upgrade. Regardless, thanks for everything y’all do here on the blog.

  8. r hirsch says:

    i am a volunteer teacher in India…heading back to USA for Xmas on a united flight that has me flying for almost 52 hours ( it was cheap,and, I’m a VOLUNTEER!). an upgrade would be SOOOOOO appreciated!

    • glenn says:

      My only concern is that you say “cheap flight”. One of the problems with United is that their international upgrades (GPU) are only good on the more expensive tickets – W fare and higher. Please check your class of ticket and let us know if your flight is eligible.

  9. r hirsch says:

    PS. I’m not military…but I was a peace corps volunteer for3 yrs in Vanuatu!

    • glenn says:

      Vanuatu is a great country. Been there three times in the 90’s to do Army humanitarian work and brought my family back for vacation in 2008. Most people have still never heard of it!

  10. Chuck says:

    Flying to Germany Sunday TDY and returning Friday. Have a very tight schedule and could really use the extra leg room and sleep for my 23 yrs of Army service self.
    Great web site filling an important gap. Thanks for all you are doing for service members, and your 2 OIF tours.

    • glenn says:

      Chuck, send me an email with your last name and Record Locator and I will see what I can do for you.

      • Chuck says:

        Thanks Glenn. Just sent a message to your AKO e-mail. Checked my coach class and it is Y.

        • glenn says:

          @Chuck – Had to make a phone call since it was so close to boarding time they wouldn’t ;et me do it on-line. The agent applied the GPU, but said the best he could do was put you on the waiting list. I am showing two business class seats available on the seating chart, so they are probably just waiting until the last minute to see if they can sell them. Your upgrade should process before others that are not using a GPU, so good luck and let me know how it goes! Maybe I’ll see you at Bragg sometime.

  11. Stephanie Berger says:


    This is so awesome of you and Edward. Am I correct to assume that these upgrades expire at the end of the calender year? I ask because I’m planning my honeymoon flights to Thailand and back this April (after a great port visit on my 1st deployment, I’m excited to return!). I imagine you can’t help out, but I figured I’d ask.

    Cheers from deployment (hooyah USS MAKIN ISLAND) and thanks for your service,

  12. Nigel Deighton says:

    I have one Global Premier Upgrade on United Airlines that I would like to donate to active military or their spouse.
    Expires 1/31/2015. Send confirmation # and surname. And thank you for your service.

  13. Michael says:

    I have 6 United RPU’s expiring on Jan 31st that I’d be happy to give away to anyone who can use them. Travel needs to be on or before Jan 31st. If you can use them email your record locator and last name to me at

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