I sometimes think to myself that I have too many credit cards. I have over 20, in addition to other various cards like Amex Serve, Chime card, etc. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know who had the most. I’d heard rumors of guys having over 30 on Flyertalk, but I wanted the real answer.


To my utter shock, the Guiness World Record for most credit cards goes to Walter Cavanaugh, of CA, who in 2005 had 1,497 credit cards, dating back to the 60s. That adds up to a total credit line of $1.7 million dollars! Can you imagine his credit report?!? He says he’s only been denied for a card once! I usually get denied several times per year, for too many credit inquiries.


He has a wallet that holds 800 of them and weighs 38lbs! He also says he has perfect credit and only uses 1-2 cards on a daily basis.


Here is a video the news made about him.


My questions to him are:

-How do you not get dinged for too many credit inquiries? Do you engage in serious bumpage?

-Do you have a master spreadsheet to keep everything organized? My spreadsheet is already complex; I can only imagine his.

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8 responses to “World record for most credit cards”

  1. Counting AU’s I can reach 25 🙁

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  3. If i had 55 years id be able to do the same also what is his income like?

  4. J.C. says:

    About 60 not counting a handful of AUs.

    Easily managed with a spreadsheet and, more importantly, a legacy version of Microsoft Money.

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  6. AlohaDaveKennedy says:

    Wonder if the vast majority of Walt’s cards were just old proprietary store cards?

  7. Andy says:

    @AlohaDaveKennedy – It sounds like most of them were. I think I only have one store card, from Express, that’s around 10 years old, the oldest on my record in fact. I’m just not a huge fan of store cards.

  8. Paul says:

    I betcha he doesn’t have the awesome Hawaiian Airlines card. #loser#fail

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