I’ve written several times about how the Loungebuddy app, here, here and here.  Loungebuddy is a neat little app that points out all the lounges available in whichever airport you find yourself in, including USO lounges.   It automatically knows which airport you are in and can be programmed with your flight info to let you know the options along the way.  This includes knowing which lounges that are available to you based upon status or affiliated membership.

Their latest deal is the ability to book a discounted same day pass at Alaska Airlines lounges in Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles or at Minute Suites at DFW, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.  The passes can be booked at the same rate as walk-up prices, but through the convenience of your mobile device.  Lounges are a great deal, especially when there are weather delays or other irregular operations (Irrops).  That’s because the agents in the lounge are typically the better ones and can find you a better booking much easier than hanging on the phone for an hour.  Plus they speak English as a native language!

They also have some deals at UK lounges, so if you are passing through Old Blighty, check out that deal as well.  If you have Apple Pay, they are also getting set up to use that.

If you have never tried the Alaska Boardrooms, they are better (IMHO) than the typical lounge and offer both soup and pancakes.  No, not at the same time!

And no I don’t know how to pronounce Minute Suites.  Minute (small) or a unit of time.  I’m going with the latter.


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