“Tis the season for giving and a new cause (to me) for charity is Tripit’s effort to raise one million miles for the San Francisco Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Here is their webpage explaining the cause and how to donate.  Note that they only accept United, US Airways, and Delta miles.  Yeah, I know, weird that they will accept US Airways, but not American Airlines miles since they are the same company.  Most wishes include travel and it would require an estimated 2.5 billion airline miles to grant the 50,000 tickets required to match everyone’s needs!

I think we are all aware of Make-a-Wish, but for those of you not familiar with Tripit, let me explain.  Tripit is my favorite app for tracking all my travel plans, flights, hotels, and rental cars.  Where I used to have a planner full of various reservations, it is now all on the handy Tripit app.  They will also send you alerts if the plane is late, which baggage carousel to go to, or even if your fare drops enough for you to get a small rebate.  There are two versions basic Tripit which is free and Tripit Pro which I have and costs a reasonable $45/ year which I more than make back in those fare drop alerts.  You can find more info on Tripit here or go to the iTunes Store.

So get over there and donate some miles, especially if you have one of these accounts where you accumulated them but probably will never get enough for an award.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah!


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