Sorry I’ve been so delinquent on publishing reviews from our SE Asian trip in September. I’ve just been super busy with work and with family-related matters, as I’m sure most of you can imagine. These are the relevant reports so far:


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Today I’ll do:

Review: Singapore Business Class 777-200 Hong Kong to Singapore


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Today I’ll talk about our flight from Hong Kong to Singapore, the only time I’ve flown Singapore Air, but that left me wanting to try it again. Our flight left around 2pm-ish, and using HKG’s amazing subway system, arrived at the airport around 1:20-ish. That unfortunately didn’t really leave us any time to visit a lounge, as we had to schlep ourselves through a labyrinthine arrangement of gates and escalators to get to our gate. By the time we’d gotten there, boarding had already commenced. Here was our view from the gate:



Walking aboard, we were greeted warmly by the purser and all the beautifully-atired flight attendants. We noticed although the cabin was pretty, it was clear that this was their older business class product. No complaints from me though – we were on our way to Thailand via Singapore, flying in business class on an award fare. Our seat were comfortable, and we were immediately offered champagne and/or fruit juice.




The setting wasn’t glamourous, but it was still very nice – large screens for movies, the controls for it were intuitive. We were offered warm towels, booties, and noise-cancelling headphones which were very nice I thought.




We were served food as soon as we were aloft, which consisted of a salad with shrimp and then a main satay chicken dish, which was delightful, along with some wine.


Overall, there was nothing flashy about the 4 hour long flight, except for the flight attendant’s dresses (interestingly, they asked us not to take pictures of them). I learned that the color of their dress corresponds to how long they’ve been a flight attendant:


  • Blue – “Flight Stewardess”
  • Green – “Leading Stewardess”
  • Red – “Chief Stewardess”
  • Burgundy – “In-Flight Supervisor”

Pretty cool, and a really solid flight. Everything flowed seamlessly, the attendants were doting but never intrusive, and we came away with a great feeling afterwards.


We arrived at SIN, amazed by their gorgeous airport, with a 3 hour layover until our Jetstar flight to Phuket. We crashed at the Wellness Oasis Spa that is world famous for having a fish footbath!


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2 responses to “Review: Singapore Business Class 777-200 Hong Kong to Singapore”

  1. Dan says:

    — “it was clear that this was their older business class product”.

    The seats that you were on is their regional business class. It is pretty new!

  2. Andy says:

    @Dan – haha, you’re totally right. I was looking at their “new” business class, which I guess is long-haul only. Oops!

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