Uniform friendly carry-on


This carry-on piece looks like it’d be perfect for packing a uniform for a weekend. Check this out:


Vocier C38


Unfortunately it’s a little pricey…a little bit being $775. Yeah, I’m not getting this anytime soon. But if you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, and/or get incredibly annoyed by a wrinkled uniform when travelling, this might be for you.


USAA free Vantagescore


Thank you Doctor of Credit (one of my favorite blogs) for posting on the announcement that USAA will be offering a free VantageScore to members (and possibly nonmembers too), and how this really doesn’t mean much.


Another website for discount car rental rates


Miles to Memories clued me in on another car rental website I’d never heard of, called Car Rental Savers, that automatically inputs the best coupon and corporate codes to get you the best price. Also always remember to enter your reservation into Autoslash.


I’ll be a doing a post later on how I save a ton of money on car rentals.


Mobile passport on your phone


Lifehacker has a post on what I think will be the future – mobile passports on your phone. They’re in effect here in the US – unfortunately only in limited circumstances at ATL. I can’t wait until they’re more widely accepted.


If you are thinking of becoming a US Bank member and have their credit card


Check out this post by Chasing the Points…it’s a must read!

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